HS hoops polls: Guilford Orthopaedic Polls for 1/20/2011

Boys Public School Poll:
#1 Page(10-6)
#2 Northeast Guilford(13-3)
#3 Southwest Guilford(12-4)
#4 High Point Andrews(10-2)
#5 Dudley(12-5)
#6 Smith(8-5)
#7 Northwest Guilford(8-4)
#8 Northern Guilford(8-5)
#9 Grimsley(7-6)
#10 Eastern Guilford(7-7)

Girls Public School Poll:
#1 Dudley(15-1)
#2 Southwest Guilford(14-1)
#3 Eastern Guilford(12-2)
#4 Southeast Guilford(13-3)
#5 Northwest Guilford(12-3)
#6 Northern Guilford(12-3)
#7 High Point Central(9-3)
#8 Page(9-5)
#9 Western Guilford(8-8)
#10 Ragsdale(7-8)

Private School Boys:
#1 Oak Ridge Military Academy(23-2)
#2 Greensboro Day School(17-4)
#3 High Point Christian Academy(15-7)
#4 High Point Wesleyan(10-7)
#5 Westchester Country Day(11-9)
#6 Bishop McGuinness(7-9)
#7 Forsyth Country Day(6-8)
#8 Shining Light Academy(14-1)
#9 Caldwell Acadmey(10-10)
#10 Vandalia Christian School(7-4)

Combined Boys Poll:
#1 ORMA(23-2)
#2 Greensboro Day(17-4)
#3 Page(10-6)
#4 Northeast Guilford(13-3)
#4 Southwest Guilford(12-4)
#5 High Point Andrews(10-2)
#7 Dudley(12-5)
#8 High Point Christian Academy(15-7)
#9 Smith(9-5)
#10 Grimsley(7-6)

Private School Girls Poll:
#1 ORMA(11-6)
#2 Greensboro Day School(13-8)
#3 Bishop McGuinness(9-5)
#4 High Point Wesleyan(6-6)
#5 Vandalia Christian(6-6)
#6 High Point Christian(2-8)
#7 Caldwell Academy(2-7)


  1. In the Boys Public School poll, Page the #1 team lost twice to Northeast the #2 team.
    Southwest the #3 team lost twice to Northeast, should they also be tied for #1 with Page since both of those teams lost twice, both should move ahead of Northeast.

    Unfortunately Greensboro Day has not played good in their most recent games. I would have to drop that team in both the Private School Poll and the combined poll.

  2. How does GDS not drop a single spot? Lol

    You dropped HPCA in the combined poll for losing to ORMA, which is the best team in the state. Even dropped them below teams they have beaten or teams that have lost to a lot worse of teams they have. They were in at least a 5point game in the MLK.

    GDS gets absolutely lambasted and has lost to every good team they have played. Christ is good but has lost multiple games. ORMA has lost 2 games by a combined 2 points.

    There are other weird movements, but that one stood out as I was looking to see how the MLK would affect GDS. Apparently it didnt. Hahaha. Its your poll but the bias makes it kind of pointless

  3. ORMA is not the best team in the state – United Faith is. They have lost to United Faith – who was missing their best guard (braxton). The same team – United Faith just beat Oak Hill in Gboro without their best big man (Peter Jurkin – Indiana commitment).

    I would say United Faith is the best team in the state.

  4. Goin by the maxpreps rankings. UFCA beat ORMA by 1, but has also lost some they probably shouldnt have. But way to get the entire point of my post

  5. Who you gonna put ahead of GDS in the private school poll,,,,It is pretty much ORMA and GDS and then what?

    ORMA buried HPCA in the MKL…..Westchester is toast without Quincy Miller….HPCA beat Wesleyan and we saw what ORMA did to HPCA….No dis on HPAC, that’s just the way it was…HPCA beats GDS on Feb. 5 and then we have something……

    This is all you’ve got…..Page won the Pizza Hut Tournament and that is the most recent barometer….NEG is battling back, but it doesn’t matter if they beat Page earlier or not, NEG finished 7th in the Pizza Hut….GDS was fifth at the Pizza Hut right and Grimslsey was 8th….

    NEG is battling back and Grimsley is working their way back to you……

    I’m out here every night and most of you just see your teams and not others….

    I have it right and it is time you guys start getting with the program….

    Come on, you have not put up any valid arguements and look at mine……You guys can do better…..We’ll how it all settles out in the end….Last year all everyone did is complain because the public schools and the privates were lumped together with only one poll…..

    This poll is on a roll….

    I want better arguements and I’ll listen, but remember, the don’t call me “Mr. Basketball”, for nothing…….

  6. Okay, “Mr Basketball” I will agree with you.

    If we use the Pizza Hut as the last barometer and not Mondays games at the MLK Classic. GDS finished 5th as you indicated, behind Northwest, behind Page, behind Northern and behind Ragsdale. If Northeast is in their rightful place we have to drop GDS.

    Now maybe if you are making the poll based on the teams performance that you have seen most recently then tell me who is playing good and who is not playing good.

  7. Dudley got blown out by grimsley and moved up in the combined poll. GDS got creamed and stayed steady, HPCA got blown out and dropped. This poll is your opinion. I know that, but please explain that to me.

  8. Very good questions and here’s a bit of the reasoning….Dudley went (2-1) since the last poll came out with wins over Smith and Kinston…..The Smith win was very impressive and the Kinston win was pretty solid too….

    Greensboro Day got win since last week’s poll and that was the win over Forsyth Country Day and Tyler Lewis last Friday night and that was impressive….

    You have to look at how you think certain schools would match up against each other and I know some of you do have like opponents already this year….

    How would these teams fare if they met on regular basis….

    I have been of the persuassion since early in the season that ORMA and Greensboro Day were at the top and the other teams in the area were way behind talent wise when you look it alll over….How would they match up….Greensboro Day should top them all with the exception of Oak Ridge and that may be up for grabs with the Cadets loss of Jacob Lawson….

    I have to look at these polls scientificly….HPCA had two players that you can count on night in and night out and those are Mitch Oates and Jordan Weethe….Scales is also strong, but he’s not there like Weethe and Oates….After that, who is there????? Excellent team and Coach Clifford is doing a great job, but his REAL test will come next year after Oates and Weethe are gone…..

    Day School has a boat load of talent, and they put it together on a given night, they are very good….Have played stiff competition and they will get a chance to show what they have against HPCA on Feb 11 at GDS….

    NWG beat GDS and NWG is having a very good year, but they wouldn’t beat GDS head-to-head in a series of games, at least that is what I think, and that is not to be disrespectful toward Northwest….NEG got off to a good start and then went in the tank at the Pizza Hut…They have since bounced back and are playing much better now…The same thing can be said for Grimsley…I have been tooting Grimsley’s horn all year long as I have Page, Eastern, Northern and all the teams that deserve the pop….

    I really study these games and these teams, and sometimes to a fault, but you have to often times look at how these teams would fare against each other if they met and not just one time, how would they match up if they met on a consistant basis….

    Polls can change week-in and week-out and I want to know who feels like they are being slighted and I will analyze you and your team and I keep most things in a positive manner depending on the time of day and I can let you know what I think, and for the amount of time I put in covering these teams, I probably know too much……Love to hear more comments and if you have a beef, bring it, I can take and that’s a fact….

    When I have more time, I will write more, right now, what are the rest of you saying?

  9. I can agree with most of that thought Andy. I think Greensboro Day has
    more size and height. They are big and tall. You can beat them in a running
    game but if GDS slow it down to a half court offense and play a zone defense
    they will probably clobber most teams.

  10. Someone just text me that “Dudley thumped Page just like Northeast did”
    I do not know how that is going to change the polls.

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