Page Pirate girls go (10-5/4-2) with win over Smith

Page 10 13 10 22 55
Smith 13 13 8 15 49

Page (10-5) (4-2)

Brittany Drew 17
Kayla Johnson 14
Chelsey Coleman 10
Imani Atkinson 8
Hannah Pegram 2
Alette Smith 2
Debrisha Barnes 2

Smith (6-8) (3-4)

Z. Greer 21
B. Garris 15
B. Lynn 7
Z. Winters 6

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  1. This was a really good game. The final score does not reflect how good this game was. Smith dominated the game for the first three quarters. Also this game featured to of the better players in the area. #15 Brittany Drew from Page and #14 Quan Greer from Smith. Drew didnt get to take many shots due to the type of defense she was facing but I see she finished with 17 points, thats a testament to how efficiently she scores. She probably shot over 80% and 100% from the free throw line. Quan Greer scored whenever she wanted however she wanted. She played so smoothe, almost as if she didnt have to try very hard to score. I saw her play this past summer with Team Phoenix but i had no idea how good she really is. I also found out last night she is just a junior as Smith has no seniors. Great job to both ladies for their stellar play and to both teams for a good hard fought game.

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