On the “Road to Recovery”(Jim Modlin update)

Spoke by phone to “Big Jim” Modlin earlier in the week and he said he is for sure, on “The Road to Recovery”…..(Jim Modlin top-three scorer/rebounder in Ragsdale High School basketball history and top-three scorer and rebounder in East Carolina University history….)

He said he should be out of the High Point Regional Hospital in the next two weeks or sooner and that his rehab will continue, after his release….

Good news for Jim Modlin, who has been in the hospital now, for over 7 weeks…..

Jim said at one time he was almost gone, but now he is determined to come back and do what he did all over again…..Not sure exactly what he didn’t do, he pretty much did it all and more power to him….I know the people at Gold’s Gym would welcome him back in a heartbeat and many others would be glad to see him back on the street, following his old teams over at Ragsdale High School in Jamestown…..