High Point Christian vs. Westchester Country Day on Saturday at 6pm at WCDS…

The HPCA(High Point Christian Academy) vs WCDS(Westchester Country Day School) varsity boys game tomorrow(Saturday) will be starting at 6pm…… Local reports have had the game at 7:30, but there is no varsity girls game.

JV boys 4:30
Varsity Boys 6:00pm….

*****You are advised to arrive early, there will be a huge crowd.

Again, the HPCA-WCDS varsity boys game starts at 6pm Saturday…..*****


  1. where is the Westchester gym, is it on campus, and is it tiny like HPCA, would be so nice to be able to sit down to watch one of these big games.

  2. Yes its at Westchester Country day. And its called get there early then you wont have to stand up

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