Burney won’t be burning bridges, but Kendric is ready to convey his story about what went down in Chapel Hill town

Kendric Burney said he is ready to answer and deal with the questions surrounding the past football season at the University of North Carolina and he says in his words, “he’s ready to tell his side of the story”……

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  1. “We definately didn’t do the right things that we needed to do.”
    “Maybe we shouldn’t have WENT on certain trips.”
    “But I don’t feel like we did anything wrong.”
    Did this idiot pass english at UNC?

    Well the NCAA thought you did something wrong and you missed several games for your wrongdoing.Mr. Burney has aided the NCAA’s case for LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL. Maybe UNC needs to schedule Southern Cal for a few years. That game would be a FAIR FIGHT. Since neither will be going to any real bowles(sic intentional) we could call this game the SANCTIONS BOWL.

  2. It simply amazes me what grown adults would say at the expense of 18-22 year old kids to justify their hatred for a school or institution is beyond belief.

    You must go to bed and wake with this ncaa scandal on your pee size brain.

    O`h I forgot, its perfectly find for JR Sleezy to have a 1/2 dozen arrest in 1 summer but only to set a half of a football game. I see your logic, it only depends on what color shirt they wear.

    What is also amazing is your school couldn`t build any momentum from unc`s misfortunes to steal any of their recruits and trust me TOB tried his heart out. Kids just did`nt want to hear his negative recruiting pitches.

    The crow is in the oven and we know you will drinking your classic nc state red kool-aid with it so getover it and move on, youremind me of a stalker and thats sad!

  3. Institutional Control,
    You really need to seek professional help. Being obsessed and full of hatred about a rival school is one thing, but to criticize how a young man talks is simply pathetic.

  4. I just expect a college senior to use standard english.Maybe the tutors were too busy with other players to teach him how to talk in standard english.
    By the way TOB doesn’t need any of UNC’s recruits since he has a strong class in the fold right now. He does not worry about the stahhhs anyway. Instead he develops his players. UNC can win the recruiting rankings every February and NC State can win the football game each November. That works for TOB,Wolfpacknation and me.
    If Butch coached a swimming team with 85 Spanish mackeral on it instead of human beings his record would still be 8 wins–5 losses. When is Butch going to win 9?2011 May be his last opportunity before sanctions happen.Have a nice day and don’t choke on too much pale blue Kook-Aid!

  5. Wow! So a 9 win season is now Butch`s measuring stick.

    TOB should be a winning record for his measuring stick. Example 25-25 Overall / 14-18 in conference and 2 lucky wins against unc ablocked FG in 2009 and a hailmary that the unc kids batted from out of bounce back in bounce.

    Your coach is a short term hire and everybody in the know can attest. Your recruiting class is horrible considering your above average facilities and I`m not sold on him coaching them up either, he was like Amato he inherited a good signal caller and that made him look better than he is “25-25” if that is possible!

    If all the nc state are like youself, no kid will ever consider that school because if you got out from behind that computer and said these harshful things to these athlete`s face, you would be in trouble. I personally think you are a coward.

  6. Luck is when the officials give UNC The Music City Bowl. But UNC did get the win then just like NC State got it over UNC the last 2 years. I’ll bet TOB lasts longer than Butch since he does not have the NCAA on his tail. Short -term hire really. He has been there 4 years just like Butch. TOB 4 CBMFD 0. Read it and weep Holes! Recruiting class horrible,eh? Almost as good as Boise State’s class and we all know how things have worked out for that program lately.Who is in the know and says TOB is short-term? He will coach in 2011 and will give you holes your yearly tail kicking. Butch will be there in 11 but I doubt he will be there in 12.TOB can recruit and he proved it at BC. He is now starting to get it done at NCSU. Matt Ryan is a QB that has succeeded well in the NFL. Whether Russell stays or goes you holes are still going to get smoked. Glennon can throw darts and George Bryan will be there to catch them.I see we aren’t getting any snow now but there are still plenty of UNC iceholes around.Keep living in youur delusional hoile world of winning the recruiting stahhs and keep losing on the field. UNIVERSITY OF NON COMPLIANCE!

  7. Wow. Do you realize that TOB has had one winning season out of four at State? I realize it doesn’t matter to most of you, as long as he beats Carolina. Obsessed is putting it lightly.
    By the way, when are those bowl bans and scholarship losses going to happen?
    And once again, and for eternity with people like you, how exactly did the officials give Carolina the Music City Bowl win?
    I really don’t know why I even bother to respond to your idiocy. You obviously don’t have a degree from a fine institution like N.C. State.

  8. I don’t know exactly how fast the NCAA works on this but I would say the 2012 season at the earliest for the bowl bans and scholarship losses to occur. Possibly not until 2013. Also, if you do not know how the officials helped UNC win the Music City Bowl then you must not have watched the end of the game. No I do not have a degree from NC State but I do have one from another UNC System School.My Dad graduated from State and I have been a fan since I was a child(except in the rare occasions when they play my school). I doubt if you have a degree from UNC. The UNC grads that I know which include some relatives do not get so delusional as I have seen from you here. You need to hurry on back to Walmart before the light-blue Koolade sale ends.

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