ACC Men Tonight: After 19-point first half lead State throws in the towel and gets hit by the Tiger Rag, 60-50

Clemson 60, NC State 50
Clemson, S.C.

Wolfpack led by 19 in the first half and then went on a 6 minute scoring drought in the second half and watched the Clemson Tigers come back to take this one by 10……..Some of the fans near courtside were asking each other, how Lowe can you go….A 19-point road lead and you watch it get washed away by a Tiger Rag…..


  1. Institutional Control,
    Nice game tonight. You are probably still the type to prefer Lowe over Sendek. I guess if State beats Carolina at least once, his job will be saved for another year.

  2. Sidney Lowe has got to go…he still thinks he’s in the NBA…run and gun…when the students at N.C. State lose confidence in you..your history…

  3. Guys, it`s got to be Lee Fowler fault remember, oh I almost forgot, they love Tom O`Brien,you know the coach that is 25-25 in a relative weak acc in 4 years. Instead of Lucy removing the ball from Charlie Brown, it`s Lee Fowler.

    Please let him kick that damn ball you bunch of wuffies.

  4. There were not many top-tier coaches that wanted the job after Herb Sendek left….Several turned the Pack down and they looked a lot further down the chain and brought in a State-grad in Sidney…..

    Lowe was their man and with so many other coaches turning them down and not even wanting to be considered for the job, it’s a sad state at State….

    On of the top conferences in the nation and no top coaches were willing to come there. It’s sad when you stop and think about it, it really is……

    Will the Pack be starting all over again at the end of the season?

    If so, who will be the next in line to try and turn around the Wolfpack and get them back in the NCAA’s…….

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