GDS drops HPCA in High Point 66-50

Greensboro Day School girls 59
High Point Christian Academy 50

Greensboro Day School boys 66
High Point Christian Academy 50

GDS(19-4) HPCA(15-9)

Game rewind:1st Q:GDS 10, HPCA 9….Halftime:GDS 28, HPCA 19….3rd Q:GDS 49, HPCA 31…Final:GDS 66, HPCA 50….

GDS scoring:Reed Lucas 15 points…John Terry 14 points…Jalen Ross 12 points…Jordan Robertson 8 pts….Christian Hairston 6 pts….Jaleel Roberts 3 pts…Quayshad Williams 3 pts….James Tre’ Chapman 3 pts….Robert Kleinman 2 pts…

HPCA scoring:Mitch Oates 23 points….Jordan Weethe 13 points….Aaron Scales 8 pts….Brandon Earnhardt 5 pts….Jon Bethea 1 pt…..


  1. Looking at the points scored by the guard – it appears that the coaching staff allowed the guards to actually make some individual plays and get out an run tonight instead the heavy control ball offense that GDS usually plays. GDS actually has the advantage with their guard play most night but they normally do not allow them to get up and down the floor and create plays.

  2. Basketball is a team sport. The problem with today’s game is the fact that to much emphasis is placed upon
    The individual. The same issue exists in the corporate world. The team concept
    Or culture as they like to call it is vanishing. Kids learn this team concept in sports and bring it with
    Them in whatever career they choose.

  3. We played an excellent game and, yes, our guard play was very good. In my opinion, the scoring in the backcourt was more a result of the way HPCA defended more than anything else. I still feel that we can play with OaK Ridge, but that will never be known. They are definitely good, but we are getting better every day! Look for us to make a run to at least the semi finals of the NCISAA. We might win if Christ School forgets game time and arrives late.

  4. Stop the nonsense with the coaching. They are probably the best coached team in the area. If you want your child to play on an AAU style run and gun offense, you should not have sent your child to GDS. Their are too many guards out their that don’t know how to pass when they get double and tripled team. Look at their record (19-4). I think the coaches know what they are doing.

  5. I agree, GDS has the best coaching staff by far than any team in the area. This does not mean they are going to win every game but teaching the game of basketball and life skills, there is not a coaching staff any better. They get along very well with each other and have the respect of all the players. Most teams, the head coach, tries to do it all and assistants have very little say. The Day School, assisitants are given responsibilities and are not just figureheads.

  6. Wes and Tom – your points are well taken but I will say as an outsider looking in on the coaching staff (by outsider I mean someone not on the coaching staff but a fan in the stands) – coaches should be able to recognize mismatches and when you have a specific strong point and how to coach up those skill sets. Often GDS will either have the clear advantage down low or the clear advantage with their guard play but they do not take advantage of these skill sets or mismatches. GDS will run their specific plays reguardless of who they are playing. It is the coaching staffs job to adjust before or mid game to the challenge in front of them. Obviously the coaching staff does adjust but far too often they do not take advantage of the clear plays that their players could support. My buddies and I have noted this with the GDS coaching style for the past 4 years. The GDS players are still good enough to win a state championship but the style of play has not adjusted enough to even come close to winning it all again.

  7. Coach Randy Peele from Winthrop was watching the game last night and I wonder who he was looking at……I started to speak with him, but he had a crowd around him….

    Are Mitch Oates and Jordan Weethe going anywhere next year??? Anyone know where they are headed and Oates might get a job somewhere working in a parking lot…..He was shooting and hitting three’s from that distance last night….The kid has some range and some arm-strength too….He just has to make sure he stays in the correct area code when he starts putting up some of those shots….Great kid and he loves to compete…..

  8. I am an outsider as well. If these kids were as good as you think they are, they would be successful running the current sets. They are basic offenses that have been run for years. They are a thing of beauty when they are run correctly. As I have said before, GDS has very good players, not great ones. The great ones can run the court and create on their own. These kids need the structure of an offense to compete effectively. I believe this is what the coaches see. I understand your opinion, but I don’t see that style working for this team. I am by no means degrading these players. Many of them will play in college and are very good high school players. To be quite honest, I would have fit in well on this team when I was in high school. Good luck to GDS the rest of the way.

  9. Coaching is one of the most difficult jobs there is in education. I commend all the coaches out there who always have to but up with the general public who always know more than you. GDS hasd good high school basketball players, but not great. They have to be in a structured offense to succeed. This is teaching not only basketball skills but skills that will carry them through liffe working with others in their jobs. I commend all coaches for their effort and having to put up with those who always have the answer.

  10. Bengals looked pretty good last night!! Limited penetration by Oates and never gave Weethie clean looks at the basket. Bigs struggled to finish but guards stepped up and made some shots. Been impressed with the defensive effort of the two PG’s for GDS against the more athletic guards they have played. Except for maybe the Christ School game. Still waiting for them to put together a total team game. Would be nice to see guards and posts score the ball during the same game.

  11. Tom and Wes:

    I think you guys watch too much NBA ball. The only offenses in the world that just let there ace come down in transition and create for themselves play in the NBA, and are the best players in the world, Kobe, Lebron, Wade, etc. Even at that level the offense is created around them, with multiple screens and back doors to get that player open, not coming down and doing a mass of crossovers and jukes and totally ignoring the other 4 jerseys called “team”mates that they have out there. Great players are the ones who get it done in the end, not the ones who occasionally put up 40 pts, that to me is called “selfish”, and will only get a team so far. This game had several great players from both teams that will play college ball at a good school. It takes a great player, not a good player, to move to the next level and play unless you are speaking of the division 2 leagues. Look at your best NCAA teams, Duke, Pitt, Ohio State, all play team basketball and that is how they got where they are.

  12. Not true. Watch Kentucky, Memphis, Kansas State, Baylor and a lot of AAU teams. There is some movement off the ball, but invariably a player drives to the basket and throws up a prayer even when they are double and tripled teamed. I agree with the college teams you have chosen. They are a pleasure to watch.

  13. Tom I agree with you to stop the nonsense with the coaching but please do not automatically assume that the comments are from GDS parents. Structure is valuable in all aspect of life including basketball and I feel certain that is why these parents spend their hard earned money to have their kids in that program.

  14. Gds is a well coached team and fun to watch. We are lucky to have passionate high school hoops fans in north Carolina.

    We all need to keep perspective.

  15. GDS is it good at all. They are a horrible prep school. They just have one of the best coaches in the state.

  16. Thought GDS looked pretty good while HPCA seems have hit a snag a little bit the last couple weeks and is struggling right now. Just couldnt seem to put the ball in the hoop. It happens, I predict the rematch to be a pretty good one.

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