Tar Heels’ Harrison Barnes has a new nickname: “The Black Falcon”…

Barnes has been big in the clutch in several North Carolina wins this year and none bigger than the shot he hit late last night, to help the Heels topple the Hurricanes in Miami…..Barnes has even come up strong, in some games that were on the line, that Heels eventually went on to lose…..CLICK HERE and you’ll see why Harrison Barnes has become, THE BLACK FALCON…….


  1. The precious Falcon has been dishonored. He can only be a Falcon if he wears the black and orange.

  2. That’s your guy, Mick, not mine.

    Keep in mind, The Black Falcon isn’t a mere UNC basketball player like, say, Bobby Jones, he’s a brand, you know, like Cher or Lady Gaga.

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