Friday Night Hoops 01/28/11: Finals

Dudley boys 65
Southeast Guilford 57

Northeast Guilford boys 60
Southwestern Randolph 41

Westchester boys 75
Carolina Friends 44

Southwest Guilford boys 65
Ragsdale 60

Southwest Guilford girls 41
Ragsdale 25

Dudley 52
SE Guilford 40 (Women)

ORMA boys 75

Ledford girls 46
Southern Guilford 43

Girls Basketball
Northern Guilford – 55
McMichael – 32

Boys Basketball
Northern Guilford – 72
McMichael – 51
(Report by Chris Jones)

Greensboro Day 57
Wesleyan Christian 47 (Men)

Greensboro Day 62
Wesleyan Christian 44 (Women)

Caldwell Academy 52
The Elon School 29 (Men)

Caldwell Academy 43
The Elon School 38 (Women)

E. Guilford 77
Rockingham Co. 56 (Men)

E. Guilford 49
Rockingham Co. 43 (Women)
Brian H. (WFMY)

Page boys 73
Smith 60

Page girls 46
Smith 38

Northwest Guilford boys 49
High Point Central 22

Northwest Guilford girls 52
High Point Central 36

High Point Andrews boys 68
WS Atkins 34

ORMA girls 78
High Point Christian Academy 29

High Point Andrews girls 59
WS Atkins 41


  1. Greensboro Day 57
    Wesleyan Christian 47 (Men)

    Greensboro Day 62
    Wesleyan Christian 44 (Women)

    Caldwell Academy 52
    The Elon School 29 (Men)

    Caldwell Academy 43
    The Elon School 38 (Women)

    E. Guilford 77
    Rockingham Co. 56 (Men)

    E. Guilford 49
    Rockingham Co. 43 (Women)

  2. Eastern Guilford Boys Over Rockingham County 77-56. Huffman kid had 5 three’s tonight and 15 points in the 4th quarter, 26 overall. Hairston had alot of points too, not sure how many. Can you get a report on this game Andy?

  3. GDS put on a defensive clinic tonite. For young high schoolers they play tenacious defense. Beat a good athletic team. Wesleyan only had 3 points in the first quarter. Congratulations to the Bengals. It is a great experience to watch this team play. They play together and play with a lot of heart.

  4. I saw the game and Huffman did have 26. Hairston had 24. EG pulled ahead in the second half and stayed there. They were down 30-29 at the half and ran away with it in the second half. Good job Wildcats!

  5. Wes, you failed to mention that Wesleyan came back and took the lead until the refs called many many bad calls. Wesleyan had momentum and GDS defense couldn’t stop them. The home court refs did. But I do give credit to GDS. The have good players and a very deep bench but WCA should have won the game.

  6. HPW should have beat GDS tonight. GDS could not guard the guards from HPW. The point guard #11 (Richmond) and #23 (Brnadon) were unstoppable (especially #23) but for some reason they did not have the ball in their hands enough in the final 4 or 5 minutes. GDS does not have the lateral foot movement to guard the HPW 2 guards. The Leak kid (the center) for HPW was a huge present in the middle tonight. If he had a power forward to assist him in the middle, then I could see HPW going deep in the state playoffs if not having a chance to win it all. The outside shots were not falling for GDS tonight but their aggressive play worked in their favor tonight.

    It seems like the coaching staff has made a clear enough to speed up the GDS tempo since taken the huge loss to Christ School. If GDS can continue putting this new up tempo style into play, then I would suggest they would at least have a shot at going deep into the state playoffs this year. If they slow it back up and start playing half court offenses again, then they will be out by the 2nd round of the states. Plus, they have a tough matchup against Oak Hill coming up.

  7. GDS played an extremely tough game and got a well deserving win. They are a good, well coached team.

  8. Really good win for GDS. If I am not mistaken they didn’t make a 3 tonight. Maybe Andy can confirm that. A solid effort an both ends. They seem to be playing more consistent. Still a little shaky at the PG spot with the ball handling but a good game. Justin Gainey in the house from Appalachain St. I am sure the Bengals would love to have him back at PG. Also saw Ga. Tech there. Not sure who they were watching and Coach Price son Damien was there to watch Citadel commit Jordan Robertson play a pretty good game. Big game for GDS tomorrow night against little known Raburn Gap. They have beaten WCA by 20 + I understand.

  9. I don’t believe that the Bengals hit any threes tonight….I don’t have my scoresheeet in front of me or handy right now, but I don’t remember any threes….They took a few, but not as many as they did at HPCA on Tuesday….Good effort around the basket by Jordan Robertson and Deng Leek changes everything that you would think about doing when you go up against him in the lane…..Deng effect all that goes inside…..The GDS Bengals did a good job tonight….Strong start and strong finish….Up 15-3 after one quarter, up 35-33 at the half and then they closed strong in the 4th quarter….

  10. Just to correct you andy, the score was 23-19 at the half the third quarter score was 35-33. Overall a good game. I thought for a while in the third quarter Wesleyan was finally going to pull one off against GDS but down the stretch GDS hit most of their free throws and Wesleyan couldn’t make theirs. Not to mention the three wasn’t falling for Wesleyan. It wasn’t falling for GDS either but not only did Wesleyan take more threes, they rely on the three ball much more than GDS.

    Wesleyan is very athletic at least in their starters but down the line have a very weak bench. This also hurt Wesleyan because GDS has players coming off the bench that would probably start for Wesleyan like Christian Hairston among others. Defensively, Wesleyan and GDS played good games but offensively, GDS has more options. Montay Brandon and Jaquel Richmond handle most of Wesleyan’s offensive load and when others aren’t scoring, a WCA victory could be very difficult. Cade Isley is a phenominal shooter but hasn’t been shooting well as of late so his offense is absent. Deng Leek hasn’t really ever had much offensive production at least against a team with solid post players. Although his defense is excellent and completely changes the opposing teams offense, he needs to be more productive offensively in order for WCA to win. I feel as if Wesleyan needs another big to pick up on the scoring load and assist them next year. Josh Woodward plays hard for them and is quite talented but he reminds me of Ryan Kelly. He doesn’t really belong in the post. Josh is athletic and has had some very nice dunks this year including one against Christ School over Demarcus Harrison but he is not a big. His strength is lacking, leaving him playing the four spot. I think Wesleyan is going to be good in the future maybe at the end of this year but definitely next year because I think a coach like Keith Gatlin is smart enough to fill in the gaps such as the need for a big man (or two) say around 6’9″ or 6’10” plus guard that can replace Isley after he graduates, having a great shot but hopefully a quicker first step making him hard to guard. In my opinion if those spots can be filled, Wesleyan has enough talent to be very good next year.


    Why does everyone call Wesleyan, High Point Wesleyan? High Point is clearly not in the name. It is Wesleyan or WCA or Wesleyan Christian Academy. I don’t hear people calling Caldwell, Greensboro Caldwell, or Westchester Country Day, Davidson County Weschester Country Day, so why call Wesleyan by a name that isn’t theirs? Just wondering.

  11. Thanks for the score update….I had Q1, Q3 and Final…..Needed that halftimer…..Overall low scoring game early, especially for Wesleyan….

    Seems like Wesleyan was known as High Point Wesleyan for many years…..Now Wesleyan Education Center or Wesleyan Christian Academy…..They do have a bit of an identity problem…

    The black “W” on the red background might be a branding procedure….I have seen that W around a lot in the past couple of years…..

    Maybe just Wesleyan will work best, but they were HP Wesleyan for so many years that that will be hard to totally vanquish……

    For years, the local teams here were called Greensboro Page, Greensboro Smith, Greensboro Dudley, Greensboro Grimsley etc….A city identification of some sort…..

  12. Well I went to Wesleyan from first grade through twelfth grade and it was never called High Point Wesleyan in my time there so if it was called High Point Wesleyan, that name has been gone long enough to call it by its correct name don’t you think?

  13. @ Correction, very good observation of the game and the WCA players. The future sounds bright for WCA if Gatlin sticks around. BTW, where will the get the bigs next year, “recruit” one from a local school maybe? Overseas? WCA will have the best backcourt in the county, but I agree, they need help to fill the other 3 posistions and a bench. I forgot, that the spot up shooter maybe Michael Bucklyn (not sure if last name is spelled correctly), a 7th grader now? Oh yeah, he can play!

  14. I agree Wesleyan is going to have a terrific team next year. Those two guards are going to be very, very good. But lets don’t forget about GDS next year either. Of the Top 9 guys they play 7 will be returning. I think you will see break out years from Hairston and Chapman. And the whole backcourt will be returning along with Quayshad Williams. They will have to play a little different than they do this year without all the bigs, but they should be very good, probably much better than this year.

  15. To Correction,
    Cade Isley has not started for WCA in a while. A player name David had been his replacement up to last night. Cade needs the ball to take shots. They have another really good shooting guard who doesn’t take or get that many shots. David was hitting the threes until lately. If the shooting guards could consistently get shoots then WCA may be able to win some games. They rely to much on 2 or 3 starters who take a lot of shots and probably get tired so that is why they missed their foul shots. When WCA played and almost beat the Christ School the 3 shooting guards took and made a lot of three pointers. The center missed too many shots, that is why they lost.

  16. Can’t ever remember the last time WCA beat GDS in a big time sport. Soccer 5-0 in the last two years, basketball 3-0 in the last two years. Do you still consider something a rivalry when one team shouldn’t even be in the same conference? Just a thought to consider, another interesting point Boys swimming against Weslyan.. 8-0 the last 8 years. I’m not sure how much longer WCA can take these loses from their so called “rivals” from GDS. Maybe they should consider becoming rivals with a smaller school that they can beat.

  17. @ wcafan
    I am perfectly aware that Cade hasn’t started lately but he is their best shooter and usually the third leading scorer behind Jaquel and Montay, not David Leonard or Sammy Tyson, the other shooting guard I assume you are referring to. I saw the Christ School game and when the guards were taking shots they were making them. Last night however, they were not making them. They got just as good of looks, the shots were just not falling. You mentioned that ” If the shooting guards could consistently get shoots then WCA may be able to win some games.” That is true but my whole point is that they haven’t been consistent. They had many wide open looks last night, David Leonard had like four, Sammy Tyson had one wide open from the corner and Cade had two good looks (and others not so good). Mitch Purgason had one wide open as well. My whole point was that their shooting hasn’t been consistent. When I said they needed replacements for next year, I meant that perhaps their two best shooters (who have struggled the last three or four games) will be graduated next year and will need someone to fill their spots.


    Michael Buckland, the little brother of future tar heel Megan Buckland is very talented but I doubt he will play varsity next year. It is possible but he still needs to get a little faster and a lot stronger. He is only in seventh grade and I know he has practiced with the varsity before and will probably do so more next year, but I think that might just be to get some experience against speed and athleticism not because he will be playing varsity. One more year to get in the weight room, bulk up a little, get faster, and grow, and by his freshman year he will be playing varsity. Another thing is that he is already around six feet tall. By the time he is a freshman, I could see him around 6’2″ or 6’3″ and still growing.

    About the bigs for Wesleyan and the remaining guard and small forward spots. I don’t exactly follow the public school circuit like I follow the private. So any bigs at public schools around here I am not so familiar with(especially the young ones because I am sure that anyone that would transfer would want at least two years to play. So maybe a sophomore or reclassing junior at the oldest. If you have any info on talented public school big men, then please share but I am not really aware of any that are that young and around 6’8″-6’10”. Overseas is a possibility although I am not sure how probable. When Keith Gatlin was at Veritas Sports Academy he had five players from Africa including three seven footers so international players are a possibilty but We will see. But definitely look for around two or three public school players to transfer.

  18. @ HS sports fan

    Here is something to think about. A rivalry isn’t determined only by the win. The fans determine the rivalry, and I guarantee you that the fans for GDS would rather play and beat Wesleyan than any other team, and the fans for Wesleyan would rather play and beat GDS than any other team. Not to mention the emotion in the players. I haven’t Jordan Robertson as happy about a win as he was last night. The record doesn’t determine a rivalry my friend. By the way your stats are wrong. Soccer is
    4-0-1. Just saying, where are the girls sports? or the spring sports? Are they not considered big time sports? Wesleyan girls swimming has dominated GDS in the last few years. GDS golf has been awful since Bruce Woodall graduated, and baseball is a pretty big sport. GDS baseball team couldn’t hit a house much less a moving baseball. Wesleyan has been dominant in those areas so either you purposefully left them out to make GDS look good or you automatically thought GDS beat Wesleyan at everything which is clearly not the case.

  19. @Here is a thought

    I don’t attend WCA or GDS, so the facts I was stating were just the things I’ve heard. I was just pondering on the thought that it is a good rivalry but if overtime things have changed. I agree that the fans determine the rivalry, but I was just wondering if it was every going to be more competitive. I’m sure that your facts about women’s swimming are correct but I’m not quite sure many people pay as much attention to that. I wasn’t jabbing at WCA if that’s the way it seemed, I was just thinking of other school’s rivalries and how they differed. I was just looking at how things have been and reflecting on the past few years, not saying one school is better than the other.

  20. Wesleyan and High Point Christian seem to be pretty big rivals too…..I was at the game when they played at HPCA and that place was loud and hot on that Friday night…..

    Which rivalry is bigger, is it WCA-HPCA or is it still WCA-GDS?????

    Those GDS farmers or deer hunters looked very dapper decked out in their orange caps last night…..I hope that the HPCA fan base will turn out in large numbers at GDS….The Cougars will havve their hands full with the GDS crowd, they are loud and proud and at (20-4), they have a right to be….GDS is getting better, still not at the WCA level, but much improved with Bankhead, the Wells brothers and the big first baseman……That Bengal first baseman is a big man…..

  21. Not to mention that Buddy Walker is one of the best high school baseball coaches in this area. He knows the game better than a lot of college coaches and is well respected by the MLB scouting bureau and many professional scouts.

  22. I feel as if the GDS-Wesleyan rivalry is still the typical traditional rivalry. Don’t get me wrong, The WCA-HPCA rivalry is big but it is more of a cross town rivalry. The same with WCA-Westchester.

  23. I’d say from the video I saw on the GDS vs. WCA game, that there were more people there than any high school game around. Good teams and good fan participation, it makes for a good rivalry.

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