Big games today at Kernodle Middle School

Northwest vs Kernodle boys and girls games today at 4:45pm……

Speculation going in says that these games will likely produce the conference champions. The Kernodle girls have not lost in 2 years and they have several really good players that we will be hearing a lot about in the future…..

I believe the Kernodle boys are still coached by Bill Chambers, former Grimsley All-Stater, later played at the University of North Carolina, coached at Dudley HS, North Carolina Wesleyan and at Greensboro College….Coach Chambers also has an extensive background in education and has taught the foreign languages for many years with a focus on French…..He is well-versed in the academic areas and still finds time to coach the young basketball players, a very balanced program at Kernodle and Coach Chambers is a big part of it and it has been rewarding to see a local product do so well, in his efforts of giving back to others through teaching and coaching over the years…..

Not sure who is coaching NWG, but I have been hearing very good things about their Middle School programs and the good job the Vikings have been doing, as we anticipate their meeting with Kernodle, this afternoon…..


  1. NW Boys are coached by Deangelo Hall. You might have seen him around colt league baseball helping coach all star team to the world series this past year.

  2. Games with Northwest and Kernodle always draw an early and big crowd so you better come early. The girls game has been drawing a lot of attention in the hallways lately.

  3. I think he used to lead the Southern Guilford JV baseball team a few years back, not positive on that. I’m pretty sure he wasnt in the NFL, but i have heard from others that he used to play baseball in college, not sure where though. But from what i’ve seen this year he’s a pretty good basektball coach

  4. Girls game very rough defensive fight in the first half – tied 14-14. Second half, both offenses found their groove. Final 44-40, Kernodle. Rematch next Monday @ NW Guilford.

  5. The girls game tonight at Kernodle was absolutely worth noting. There were a lot of good individual plays and great teamwork by both teams. The rematch at Northwest on Monday should be just as good.

  6. Bothers me that middle school sports are becoming a focus. Won’t be long folks will be calling for coach firings and running 12 year old kids in the ground. There is a such of thing as too much too soon. The internet has already ruined high school basketball. Truth is a lot of good middle school players don’t become good high school players because of physical development. Overexposure will only hurt more with that.

  7. To “hm”
    If you do not like reading about middle school sports, then go read the News & Record which barely even reports on high school games. This site is for the people that care about youth sports at all levels. This site also does a great job of help to reduce the amount of comments that hit below the belt against kids (especially middle and high school kids). From what I have read so far, everything looks good and it appears that people are celebrating an entertaining game that you obviously did not witness. The game was well played on both sides, the coaches were both respectful, and the players were all great. In fact, after the game I saw at least 4 or 5 players from both teams hanging out with their competition from the game. The kids understand it’s just a game and I think the readers fully get it. Maybe you should see the rematch at Northwest on this coming Monday and become a fan of the best basketball in Guilford Co.

  8. This game was entertaining to watch. Refs really let them play and it got physical, a little too physical, at times. Some great playing on both sides. The big’s had a good battle going but lop-sided foul calling stifled some quality play in the post. Parents from both teams agreed that the refs weren’t calling some obvious fouls but blew the whistle on some really light contact.

    Kernodle’s point guard was out sick but they are deep at guard. Coach Johnson made some adjustments that were effective filling that slot. Kernodle’s #30 had a break out game hitting five 3-pointers. Kernodle was up by 9 with 1:30 to go when Kernodle’s center fouled out on a phantom foul. Ref was way out of position to make that call. NW made it a little interesting by getting 5 points in 1 minute but came up short.

    The rematch should be just as entertaining.

    And why not cover middle school sports? These are perhaps the two most evenly matched girls teams at any age in the area and it’s a good rivalry. I agree you don’t want to call out individual players if they had a off-day. But no harm in talking about the team.

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