Busy week in the brink for former N.C. State basketball players..

Earlier this week it was Gavin Grant for home invasion and other assorted charges and now it’s Anthony Grundy for DWI…..A busy week, for former N.C. State basketball players and their activities are not highly becoming to the program or what it should stand for, even after the players have completed their stay with the Wolfpack athletic teams…..CLICK HERE to read all on Anthony Grundy and his most recent DWI arrest…..

Maybe they need to call in Joel Osteen to get this boat headed in the right direction……


  1. They just aren’t living up to the high standards set for them by a player such at James Worthy who ran around on his wife like Tiger Woods on crack or Lawrence Taylor was on crack and can’t keep away from the underage girls. Oh they were UNC players weren’t they…my bad.

  2. A.J. Blue, from the current North Carolina Tar Heels football team, says there are no blue laws in Burlington on Sundays…Arrested for DWI on Maple Avenue back on Sunday/Saturday night….

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