One of the best games that I’ve seen all season: Kiser Middle over Aycock 45-42…

Kiser Middle School boys 45
Aycock Middle School 42….

*****Boys game was going to get started at 6, but didn’t get rolling till just after 7pm…..*****

That might have been the best game that I have seen all season with Kiser getting by Aycock, at Aycock Middle, 45-42 tonight….Great atmosphere for a basketball game and it got so hot in there, that they had to carry one lady to the hospital, even before the boys game got started….PACKED HOUSE…..

Aycock has one of the smallest point guards in town and that little guy can get the ball up the court in a hurry…..

Excellent effort on the part of both teams and Kiser jumped out in front early, but the Aycock Lions came roaring back, yet still in the end, the Tigers were too tough to tame tonight……

Here’s teh rewind on the boy’s game:1st Q:Kiser 23, Aycock 8…..Halftime:Kiser 27, Aycock 18…..3rd Q:Kiser 35, Aycock 30….Final:Kiser 45, Aycock 42….

Kiser scoring leaders:John Puryear 11 points….Daniel Godwin 10 points…Jamal Reynolds 7 pts…

Aycock scoring leaders:Breyon Cuthrell 15 points….Cedric Morgan 14 points….Tyren Melton 5 pts……(Tonight’s numbers courtesy of the Aycock Middle School home scorebook and you have to wonder if Breyon Cuthrell is Eric Cuthrell’s son…..Eric used to play and start for the UNCG Spartans, back when they were in the NCAA field of 64……)

Girls finals:
Aycock 31
Kiser 13

Northwest Guilford Middle 26
Kernodle Middle 16


  1. Breyon’s father and Eric are first cousins………Great game from both teams haven’t seen two middle school teams fight to the finish in a while…….most importantly got a good game from the refs……great job all around.

  2. Congrats to Kiser. Andy… you gotta be at Mendenhall Wednesday night when Aycock rolls in. I could be wrong but I think that game settles everything.

  3. The Kiser/Aycock game was great and I knew it was going to be a different game from the first time these two teams met. Kiser came through and won when it hurt the most, great game Kiser. As far as the refs go I think one of them had only called games in a rec league somewhere. This guy would make one call and then change his mind and call something else. The only thing that will be settled on Wednesday night between the Mendenhall/Aycock game will be to see who will be CO-CHAMPIONS with THE KISER TIGERS…………………………

  4. Congrats to Kiser. I wish some of the other middle schools can get the coverage Kiser, Mendenhall and Aycock are getting on this website. Congrats to Eastern Middle School victory over Lincoln Middle School lastnight.

  5. yea when we play aycock at HOME on wednesday if we win we conference champs because we are ahead of kiser in points and we would of beaten aycock twice and i dnt think northern is still in it but we beat them by points too so in a way the game wednesday is the championship for middle school basketball games. mustangs are about to stompem

  6. cp3, if you check your facts it would be a conference tie either way you look at it. Kiser splits with aycock and mendenhall but sweeps Northern and has 2 conference losses which puts them in a half game lead over both Aycock and Mendenhall. If Aycock wins then they split with Mendenhall, sweep Northern, split with Kiser and give Mendenhall 3 conference losses, thus tying the Conference Title. If Mendenhall wins, they sweep Aycock, split with Kiser, but because of a loss to Northern (which Kiser swept), they will be co-conference champs. Wednesday’s game should be a good one to watch.

  7. so i guess Kiser is the best team technically but I think Mendenhall would be easily the best without the Graves kid going down midseason. would love to see either one of those teams against Flat Rock from Winston. no disprespect but I think the flyers would handle either one of those teams very easily. they havent had a game closer than 40 yet.

  8. To Winston Fan:
    You must not be reading the newspaper, watching the sports news at night or going to any games. Guilford Co teams beat Forsyth Co teams nearly 7 or 8 times out of every 10 games. Yes – I know Reagan is doing well this year and several other select teams periodically (more on the boys side than the girls). Forsyth Co only has 1-2 good teams compared to Guilford Co 4-5 good team for both the girls and boys whether it is middle school or high school. The Guilford boys have Page, ORMA, GDS, Dudley, HPW, HPC, Westchester, and Northeast. The Guilford girls have ORMA, Dudley, GDS, Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, and HP Central. What do you have Forsyth ?

  9. See a misprint…..Aycock girls won 31-13! Does anyone know how Kiser girls coach is doing?

  10. If Mendenhall wins tomorrow I understand they will be co -champs of the conference with Kiser so I don;t know how you can say Kiser is better … assuming they win of course.

  11. ive notice breyon cuthrell and yall should come and check him out he’s a really good player and he lead the game in scoring wow this kid is amazing

  12. Breyon is nt that good if he play high school ball it will b luck he trys to out do number 15 cedric morgan and this kid shoot left nd right handed he dnt pass the rock nd a pg gotta hav that in his game

  13. Breyon trash he thinks he the best hes upset nd mad cuz cedric i heard got mvp he deserved it without him who would get rebounds or blocks or even lead them to the championship nd he passes breyon should try it nd he turn the ball over to much he had 8 at half time at northeast

  14. That dude cedric is a beast wat high school iz he goin 2 that dude shoot with both hands nd they look the same that crazy yo yall gotta c this kid 15 got a bright future keep it up

  15. Cedric #15 nasty both hands thats sick i cnt shoot with one lol breyon #2 that dude is no joke pass the ball i seen u play nt good

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