Black and Decker has nothing on this Decker: Brooklyn Decker, Charlotte-native and SI sensation rules the roost

Black and Decker power equipment might be advised to close ‘er down for the day, because all the energy that then can muster won’t allow them to keep up with this Decker…..

This beautiful young lady from Charlotte, Brooklyn Decker, has set things back about 50 years for Ginger and Mary Anne and Gilligan better re-up his blood pressure medicine, as Ms. Decker has become the America’s Next Top Sports Illustrated Model and she brings complete respect to word beauty and the beast may come out in some of you when you CLICK HERE to see this Queen from the Queen City of Charlotte….

Uncle Jessie may dump Daisy and Jessica Simpson and take Decker across the bridge and into Brooklyn and they might not ever come back again….You’ll come back again and again, when you meet and see Ms. Decker in the on-deck circle…..

You gotta pull for the Decker team, she’s from the home state, coming out of Charlotte…..


  1. A Tar Heel fan? Just goes to show that even a perfect 10 has flaws!!

    Models are paid to be pretty….not smart…mission accomplished.

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