Ragsdale Tigers drop a tough one in Conference semifinals as Mustangs move on to Finals…

Courtesy of Mike Ellis Jamestown News:


Parkland 23 6 15 13 – 57
Ragsdale 19 15 11 11 – 56

Number 3 seed Parkland pulled out a thrilling 57 – 56 win tonight in a
semi-final matchup against Number 2 seed Ragsdale. After Parkland took a 23
– 19 lead after the first quarter, Ragsdale went on a 10 – 0 run early in
the second, to go up by 29 – 25. Parkland got within two late in the
quarter before Tyquan Roberts hit a trey with four seconds left in the half
to give Ragsdale a 34 – 29 halftime lead.

There were 13 ties and lead changes in the second half as the game came down
to an exciting conclusion. With the game tied at 51, Roberts scored and was
fouled. His foul shot gave Ragsdale a 3 point lead with 1 minute left.
Antonio Robinson hit two foul shots to pull Parkland within one. A Ragsdale
turnover gave Parkland an opportunity and Miles Bowman Jr. made the most of
it, driving and hitting a difficult layup to put the Mustangs up 55 – 54
with 25 seconds left. Ragsdale missed a layup on the other end, but the
Tigers Sharwynn McGee pounded the boards and got a rebound and was fouled.
The sophomore made both foul shots to give Ragsdale a 56 – 55 lead with 10
seconds left. After a timeout, Parkland brought the ball in and Ragsdale
committed a foolish foul in the backcourt to put Robinson on the line. He
hit both foul shots to give Parkland the 57 – 56 advantage with 8.8 seconds
left. Ragsdale got up a rushed shot at the buzzer but it bounced off the
rim and Parkland had the win to advance to the Finals on Friday night.

Bowman led all scorers with 23 points while Robinson with 18 and Bobby
Scriven with 12 were also in double figures for the Mustangs.

Tyquan Roberts led Ragsdale with 18 points. Sharwyn McGee had 14 points and
12 rebounds while Eric Carter had 10 points.


  1. Typical response from the same two people who have no clue about basketball…i am at most ragsdale games…and it was a game between TWO good teams. two teams that have battled twice before…guess what ragsdale won the previous two, does those wins make shoemaker a good coach. you two are ridiculous, during the timeout the players were told to not foul..guess what sometimes things just happen. how about the play before…did shoemaker tell Roberts to turn the ball over. What this sounds like to me is either you child doesnt play or your child isnt good enough to play…get over it. Adjustments were made the entire game, but only knowledgable basketball minds could see that…not fans who think they wouldnt be told not to foul. Dont get on here and make the loss into something else…the team worked hard and battled the entire game. guess what…someone had to win. every loss is not a players fault, a coaches fault, or a teams fault…sometimes teams lose and sometimes fans like really dont support a team…so Tiger Fan you may want to change your name…not a true fan and bballfan, maybe your just a sad excuse for a fan. i could go on and on…but ill let it go. wish i knew who was sitting in the stands with me, wish we were ALL rooting for the team…but from what i hear in the stands…i know exactly who you are.

  2. Tigerpride, you nailed it. Tiger fan is just another parent that can’t objectively see their own child’s ability. Coach would be better to get rid of some of these cancers. Some need to learn to just let the kids play and encourage them. Kids get one shot at HS sports. Let them enjoy it.

  3. tigerpride, you must have me confused with someone else. I do not have a child on the team. I am also at most of the games, and I am quite knowledgeable about the game of basketball, I played in high school and in college.

  4. Guys, it might be a good idea to meet over at the school and talk this one over….

    Some things are better said in closed quarters…..

  5. Tiger Fan, you guys have a pretty good team over there in Greensboro with a pretty good staff. Maybe you should look at how NW did this year after fan/parents wanted their staff gone. Same staff that won the conf tourney over your Tigers and make it to the 2nd round of states. This year they dropped in conference, no conference tourney championship and maybe no state playoffs. Sometimes fans/parents should just let their kids be coached by someone that knows what they’re doing. Parkland has 2 of the best guards around and I hate to say it but Ragsdale doesn’t have anyone that can guard either of them for 4 quarters. You talk about adjustments but if Ragsdale doesn’t commit a stupid foul they win the game. Just my 2 cents from forsyth county

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