Thursday Hoops Action – 02/17/11

Metro 4A
Page (16-7) 14 15 16 6 51
Southeast (15-8) 8 16 16 7 47

Page: Paris Kea 13, Brittany Drew 10, Kayla Johnson 8, Hannah Pegream 6, Imani aatkinson 5, Aletta Smith 5, Chelsey Coleman 2, Oliva Seeger 2.

Southeast: Ayshia McNeil 17, Brittany Price 15, Kenya Hailey 8, Kara Shutt 2, Leslie Btritt 2, Taylor Graves 2, Kayla Upshaw 1.
(Report courtesy Coach D. Jones )


  1. Congratulations to Page , they played very well. I hope you all will knock off Dudley tonight. You can’t win basketball games by missing 15 free throws and at least 17 or more easy put backs on the board. Very disappointed at the person running the score board. Could not keep the score, team fouls or possession arrow correct during the entire game. They had the horn going off during play and then the scoreboard turns completely off. If you are going to host a conference tournament get you reliable people and equipment. SEG will have new state of the art gym next year, maybe we will host and do it right. Referees were at best terrible for both sides last night, been this way all year. I guess Guilford County School board budget cuts hit basketball referees hard. All in all the Metro 4-a conference has been a tough conference and I hope all the teams do well in the state playoffs.

  2. The person keeping the scoreboard was holding an infant baby half the time she was doing the clock. She had her cell phone set up beside the clock console so she could get messages. maybe someone needs to get her number and text her to pay attention to the game. Dudley and the Metro should be embarrassed that they don’t have anyone who can keep score correctly.

  3. I agree with both posts – Daycare should be offered for the infant during the games. This was a concern before the conference tournament started and needless to say the issue was not addressed by the Metro or Dudley. I don’t think Dudley should be allowed to host the tournament in the future until the problems are not only addressed but corrected. This was not only a problem last night but also on Wednesday night – hopefully tonight will be different.

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