Coach of the Year in Guilford County….

Coach of the Year in Guilford County and who do you vote for?????

Who would be your Boy’s and Girl’s high school basketball Coaches of the Year???

I know of a couple of real good candidates in Coach Tina Gunn, the girls coach for the Eastern Guilford Wildcats and another excellent choice for the boys would be Darren Corbett at Grimsley, the man in charge of the Whirlies….

Coach Gunn took Miranda Jenkins and a very young supporting cast and made it all the way to the Sectional semifinals at Western Harnett and they won the Mid-State 3-A Conference Tournament title…..

Coach Corbett lost 4 starters off of last year’s team and then lost 4 more regulars this season coming out of the Conference Tournament and he still guided the Whirlies to the Sectional Finals…..

There are some other very good candidates out there and they choice is yours with girls consideration going to first-year coach Frank McNeil at Dudley, Coach Furlough at Northern for taking her Nighthawks to the Sectional Finals….Coach McNeil took over for Coach Kris Britton at Dudley and took the Panthers to a (25-2) record in his first year as the Panthers head coach…Coach Polk at Western Guilford really turned the Hornets around and got them headed in the right direction….Coach William Whitaker has worked similar wonders at Southern Guilford with the Storm….Coach Jessica Bryan still has her Southwest Guilford Cowgirls vying for a State 4-A Title with Huntersville Hopewell and Matthews Butler standing in the way……You may have others that you want to bring to the table….

Boy’s Coach James Abell at High Point Andrews is making his Red Raiders the team to beat, year-in/year-out and this year he has his team at (26-2) going into the 2-A East Regionals at Fayetteville’s Crown Coliseum….Coach Robert Kent saw his Pirates win the Pizza Hut Invitational for the first time in many years when they took home the title back in December….Page also claimed the #1 spot in the Metro 4-A Conference for the regular season, making them the Regular Season Champs…..Coach Guy Shavers had real load of talent and he was able to use it to his advantage, as the SWG Cowboys had an excellent season….Injuries sort of derailed them at the end of the year, when they hit the playoffs and in the finals of the conference tournement….Coach Curtis Hunter and his NEG Rams were conference champs again and they posted a 23-win season……Coach Brian Jones at Smith led his Golden Eagle boys to the Metro 4-A Conference Tournament Championship and he had to do it after losing four key players that he started the season with and he just made it a point to keep on re-arranging the pieces of the puzzle, to make them fit for a Tournament Title….

Some food for thought and you can chew on it for few days or go ahead and leave your picks in the comment box tonight…….


  1. Coaching is all about the guiding of young people toward a common goal while demanding and getting the most effort and sacrifice from the team. Never has this been more prevelant than this year at Grimsley. Each player put the team in front of their individual goals for an entire season.

    There are probably no D-1 basketball prospects on this team and definitely no player taller than 6’3″ but they over-achieved because every young man bought into what Coach Corbett was selling. That is excellent coaching.

  2. Coach Furlough returned 1 starter from last year’s squad and only 2 other returning varsity members. She led the Nighthawks to a 24-5 record and won the Mid State 3A Conference. Her team made it to the Sectional Finals. They went further than anyone had predicted. An outstanding job of coaching on her part!

  3. Dudley Fan….maybe the boys were predicted to go the regionals…not the girls. And Nighthawks does not start with a “K”.

  4. Coach Furlough!!!!!! She did a wonderful job with a young team ! Great coach!!

  5. Robert Kent without question. Won the Little 4, won the Metro, team improved a ton throughout the year just an into a tough opponent in Mt Tbor and didn’t play well. COY is Kent hands down.

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