HS Baseball Bulletin Board for 3/5/11

Forsyth Country Day 10
T C Roberson 9

DC Arendas 1-2 HR 2 RBI…A Griffin 1-4 1 RBI….R Deluca 2-4 HR 3 RBI…T Alberts 1-3…. T Dunn 1-3 HR 2 RBI… B Culbreth 1-1 HR 1RBI… Tyler Alberts was the winning pitcher….

Games for today:
Greensboro Day at Rabun Gap in Georgia 11am
Northern Guilford at Reidsville 1pm
Ragsdale in Impact Invitational in Cary, N.C.
Glenn at Lake Norman 1:30pm


  1. Fcds beat T C Roberson 10-9, DC Arendas 1-2 hr 2 rbi,A Griffin 1-4 1rbi,R Deluca 2-4 hr 3 rbi, T Alberts 1-3, T Dunn 1-3 hr 2 rbi, B Culbreth 1-1 hr 1rbi, Tyler Alberts was the winning pitcher

  2. Wesleyan 16
    Mt Tabor 6

    And it wasn’t this close. I feel Wesleyan is the best team around here. Their games with Forsyth Country Day will be something you don’t want to miss. No holes in their lineup.

  3. The Wesleyan – FCD should be a good game, it’s between two best HS recruiting systems around within a six county area. If the rosters only posted their hometowns. Got some one-and-done talent on those rosters too….it’s a sad fact for High School sports. What are we doing to our kids?

  4. Should Be,

    You are on the money –both should be good, they are great at robbing high schools of homegrown talent.

  5. Why some public schools continue to schedule these private schools is beyond me.

  6. “should be” is speaking without knowing facts. I can’t speak for FCD but Wesleyan only has 1 player on their roster that is not from Greensboro-High Point area AND he transferred from FCD, not a public school. Wesleyan does not “recruit” baseball players (not allowed to by administration), does not offer discounts in tution, and the students and parents are interviewed making sure their values meet what Wesleyan requires for admission. I understand the frustration of recent schools opening up and taking public players but don’t group Wesleyan in that category. When Wesleyan has won 2 recent state titles it attracts attention, but the school does not take everyone that expresses interest. There are limited spaces available at the high school and kids are turned down every year. We rarely get to play local public schools because of the “misinformation” that you guys promote along with the fact that it will be a tough game. Make sure you have the facts before you paint a wide brush stroke in the future.

  7. Calvin, in the case of Wesleyan, the school does not recruit. That’s true. But other unauthorized people do recruit for the school . Either way it’s a great school. Wesleyan offers the learning center for kids with needs. The values they teach beyond the academics appeal to many, and they have a great baseball coach. The coach is very knowledgable, very well connected with college coaches and busts his butt for his kids. It’s an appealing situation.

  8. Calvin, You need to check your roster because you have a brand new “recruit” from Northwest Guilford HS this year. I am doing no more than painting within the lines of information that is already commonly known. Attractive is correct, the administration (ie the school) does not recruit, other folks have that job.

  9. Yes, but did you notice that Northwest is a Greensboro area school and is in Guilford County not a 6 county area that you claimed? Do you know the story on him? His younger brother who is now in the 8th grade applied to Wesleyan and was accepted last year. After that, the “recruit” came to some of the state playoff games, liked what he saw, decided to apply and the coach didn’t even know who he was at the time. Sure, individuals might encourage kids to come to Wesleyan, I do, even if they are not atheletes. There is a 11 year old kid that plays basketball with my son’s travel team that his parents are uncertain about their local high school. I’ve recommended Wesleyan. Is that recruiting? In the end, we as parents try to do the right thing by our kids. If you, “no doubt” and “77 hornet” had kids that would be greatly benefited by changing to a private school, you would do it and let other people lament the plight of public schools and homegrown talent.

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