Website Changes

We are making some changes to the website prior to the FINAL FOUR.

Any and all comments are welcome. Anything that looks bad or wrong, please let us know immediately.

Thanks for your support.


  1. Black on white contrast great. Consider a larger font size for stories. Default is small and difficult to read.

  2. I find it easier to read and like the contrast. Although I have to scroll through all the stories now. Good news is you don’t have to open them and click out of them.

  3. Will take a bit to get use to but I think each topic still needs the Block separation lines as before which were user friendly, The format is too, too busy otherwise.

  4. I think the font is too large and/or bold. It makes for difficult reading. If you are going to stay with the larger font then you must increase the line spacing so the letters are not jammed on top of each other. I would recommend only one font, font size and line spacing for the side frames as well.

  5. A way to search for what your looking for would be a nice add. I got to site looking for cornhole turnys and now that i went to the home page i can’t find anything that i’m looking for.

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