Duke’s Kyle Singler deserves to be on First Team All-ACC

That’s the word from Ken Tysiac Charlotte Observer.com and you can see why Ken and others feel this way when you CLICK HERE for the keys to Kyle’s style and while he has played well, you tell me, does he deserve to be on the First Team unit????? Ken says he is in and maybe you do too……


  1. No. He shot 18% from 3 during the last 9 games of the season. He was 6-31 in Duke’s two games against the best team on their schedule – UNC. He has had a very good career, but he simply did not play as one of the five best players in the ACC. He padded his stats against their easy non-conference schedule and because he played almost 40 minutes every game. He got voted 1st team the minute he decided to come back for his senior year. By the way, he was a lottery pick last year after Duke won it all. His stock has gone down this year and he will lose lots of money due to coming back.

  2. One more point – Singler’s diminishing ACC season was done against primarily the bottom half of the league. Against the top 6 teams in the league, Duke played one of the other five twice. That was Carolina. They only played FSU, Clemson, BC, and Virginia Tech once. That is not Duke’s fault, since the ACC office does the scheduling, but it does point out that Duke played a relatively easy conference schedule, so Singler’s stats were mostly made against the cellar dwellers. Carolina, on the other hand, played 4 out of 5 of the other top 6 teams in the league twice. Much more difficult league schedule.
    The fact that there is a controversy about Singler making it and people feeling the need to defend it is all you need to know. He was not deserving of 1st team based upon his play in the ACC. Period.

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