North Carolina will win the ACC Basketball Tournament at the Greensboro/Carolina Coliseum

I need to warn you on the way in; this is what the people are really thinking, but they aren’t saying it yet, but they will be by Sunday, just trust me……..

Are all of us jumping on the Duke-North Carolina bandwagon for Sunday’s final at the Greensboro Coliseum?(CLICK HERE to skip the warmups and go right to the last two minutes, of the Championship Game.)

Just about all the WRAL guys out of Raleigh, are taking the North Carolina Tar Heels to win the ACC Tournament, which gets under way Thursday at the Greensboro Coliseum…..I’m haven’t heard which way Brian Formica and Brian Hall, at WFMY NEWS 2 Sports, are leaning…..One would have to think that Eric Chilton is taking UNC and what about Ed Hardin at the N&R, isn’t he a Duke man and Jeff Mills and others at the News and Record, which way will they go?????

I’ve been told that John Robinson has always felt a pull toward the University of South Carolina and that worked quite nicely for him back in the days of Roche, Ribock, Riker and Owens, but these days??? I’m not quite so sure about the Gamecocks in this current shootout format……Back to WFMY, Lee Kinard was always inclined to go with the Atlanta Braves, but when it came to Lee, he liked to skip the ACC and go right into baseball’s Spring Training…..

Ogi Overman and Mike Ellis, at the Jamestown News have always bled Duke Blue and I’m sure that it will be no different this time around…..There are more North Carolina fans living in Greensboro than fans of any other team in the ACC, so that means the Tar Heels have to win, if Greensboro is to remain an ACC-friendly city….Sports Carolina Monthly and their leader Johnny O, must be taking Carolina, because they have placed the Tar Heels(Carolina) within the name of their publication….Everyone that sets foot in the Carolina’s Diner, must be a Carolina fan or they may have to swallow a Knuckle Burger/Knuckle Sandwich, which can’t be purchased with the special “Five Finger Carolina Discount”…..

It is all about Carolina in this town, they even have bus tours that stop by the old Carolina Circle Mall, so the fans can get a whiff of what we used to smell, back in the days of the dump……Carolina Kia still has Carolina fans talking like Mike Hogewood, our beloved sports announcer, who says his Carolina Fever makes him want to do some Carolina callin’ on Sunday at the Carolina Coliseum, on West Lee Street….Mike H and even Tim Brando and Mike Giminski have been known to have a Carolina Burger at the Ralph Havis Beef Burger on West Lee, before heading over to the Carolina Coliseum, to call their basketball games on the Carolina Network along side Woody Durham, Eric Montross and Jones Angell…..

Matt Brown, stlll the Greensboro Coliseum managing director, might have a thing or two, to say about all this Carolina Craziness, since Matt hopped on the Duke Blue Devil team bus, as it was cruising through the Carolina Coliseum/Greensboro Coliseum parking lot, about a decade or so ago….Matt Brown equals “True Blue”, as in “True Blue Devil”……

And on the eve of the start of the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament, at the Coliseum, as for me and my crew it looks like anything but blue will do, cause I’m picking somebody other than North Carolina or Duke to win this thing, because there is no way that they will meet for a third time, in the North Carolina-Duke III series on Sunday is there???(What about Virginia Tech or Florida State to win the tournament??)

Who are you taking? CLICK HERE to see what’s being said coming out of Raleigh, as the troops head toward Greensboro……


  1. My prediction is that one but not both will play in the finals. UNC is due for an upset.

  2. I’ll be joining you folks in Greensboro. Can’t wait to see the Tar Heels win it all.

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