Update on Clint Moore(Grimsley HS/USMA)

Injury update on Clint Moore from Grimsley High School and now at the United States Military Academy, at West Point, New York…..Clint is still out of the Army Cadet baseball lineup after he was hit in the face by a fastball, at the University of Mayland and the update has Clint set for facial surgery tomorrow(Thursday) and the surgery will take place at the Keller Hospital, in West Point, NY…

The surgery will be on Clint’s cheek bone and the doctors say his prognosis/recovery after surgery will be a day-to-day procedure and his return to baseball will have to be determined, as his improvement is monitored,,,,,

Clint is back in the classroom at West Point, and they have created a special face-mask for his batting helmet use, when he is allowed to return to baseball….

Good luck to Clint and our continued prayers go up for this young man, as he continues on his road to recovery, in his senior year at Army…..His Cadet baseball teammates will be leaving for a 10-12 day trip to Florida tomorrow and it’s a shame/bad deal that Clint can’t make this trip and play on with the men, but maybe he’ll get the green light sometime next week and be given the opportunity to join his club down in Flordia, in the Sunshine State….

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