2011 ACC Tournament Scoreboard with Game Two from the Greensboro Coliseum, plus The ACC Notebook…

Boston College 81, Wake Forest 67
Greensboro, N.C. (ACC Tournament)

I saw last year’s Wake Forest coach, Dino Gaudio, on ESPNU today and Dino was talking like he still owned this town…..Maybe Wake should have made the rope between Ron Wellman and Dino a little longer…..I have heard Dave Glenn say on more than one occasion, that he feels Dino might have been able to hold things together at Wake, whereas Jeff Bzdelik has taken a licking/beating this year in Winston-Salem and it appears that Ron Wellman missed the call badly on this one, and it might be time to reverse the decision and call traveling on Bzdelik….Might be time for the traveling man, to be traveling again why not bring back Dave Odom????? I heard Dave on Dave Glenn’s show the other day and the man from Goldsboro and a Guilford College-grad, Dave Odom, still has a lot of life left in the tank, and if Tiki Barber can come back, why not Dave Odom making a return stop at Wake Forest, or even Dave Odom to N.C. State????? I have been hearing Tubby Smith’s name being tossed around for N.C. State and Rick Barnes always gets mentioned, why not Dave Odom??? He still loves the game and he loves the ACC Tournament………Dave Odom, it is time for you to return to the ACC brother………

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  1. Thank you lord for bringing this disaster of a season to a halt. I wish I could say I believe things will be better for Wake next year but I can’t.

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