NEWS 2: Now Hear This!

We received this complaint earlier today in the Gripe or Complaint box and we thought it might be good idea to bring this up front and center in case anyone missed it…..And I believe this is geared toward NEWS 2 and not necessarily NEWS 2 Sports, but here it is and you can make of what you want to and we do need to air the feelings of our local citizens or they may become our former citizens, they might just load up and leave us behind as they kick us in the behind, on their way out of town….

From reader Marshall Brown:

I have a complaint, a big complaint! I was watching News 2 at 6 and the top story was the freaking whining NFL Owners and Players Union!!!!!! Forget about the hundreds if not thousands of deaths in Japan! Lets talk about the overpaid (out of season), whiny NFL owners and players! I Couldn’t believe my eyes and will not watch NEWS 2 again unless I’m held down with a gun to my head… Have a little humanity and get your priorities in line!