NCHSAA Girls/Womens Championships: Six Titles in a-row for the Lady Villains of Bishop McGuinness(CONGRATS and great job again Bishop)

Bishop McGuinness 57 Southwest Onslow 43 l

Bishop McGuinness Lady Villains – 2011 NCHSAA 1A Women’s State Basketball Champions

The tallest player on the opposing team from Southwest Onslow was 5’6 and Bishop McGuinness had 6’1 Megan Buckland, so SW Onslow was quick, but Bishop was big and strong, so let’s give it up for the Lady Villains, of Bishop McGuinness High School in Kernersville……Your NCHSAA Girls 1-A Champions for the SIXTH YEAR IN A-ROW……Six straight titles for the LADY VILLAINS……


  1. Six in a row? If that’s not enough reason for the NCHSAA to make them play in the independent league, I don’t know what is.

  2. 77 Hornet: The NCHSAA executive committee voted to admit Bishop, Cardinal Gibbons and Charlotte Catholic unanimously. If the public schools had a problem with it, they shouldn’t have approved their membership. You need to get over it. Nobody had a problem with Cardinal Gibbons when Northern beat them in football. And nobody has had a problem with the River Mill girls (a charter school that can take students from anywhere), because River Mill didn’t win the state title in basketball. The only people who have a problem are the people who lose to these schools.

  3. Bishop was a member of the NCHSAA originally, left, and then went back about 5 years ago. All 3 Catholic High Schools in NC play in the NCHSAA as they play in the regular state association in most states. They have to abide by much stricter rules than the other schools. There is no vote to accept them. The NCHSAA is open to all non-boarding parochial schools who want to enter by order of the General Assembly of NC, not the NCHSAA. For example, a school like Wesleyan would eligible to join, but Greensboro Day would not.

  4. There was talk at one time about Bishop moving up to the 1-A level, but if their enrollment is not at 2-A numbers then they would have to request to be placed at the next class…

    Cardinal Gibbons is at the 3-A level and 3-AA for football since they played Northern in the playoffs…Charlotte Catholic is also 3-A and they were 3-AA one year when Dudley beat them for the football title…..

    As the speculators often say, the State Title game may have been played in Greensboro last weekend when Bishop defeated (35-1) River Mill….

    Bishop is in a good situation since the are private playing public and they don’t have any true boundaries or a district per say……Kids come/go their from all over the Triad……..Another title under their belt and will they be able to make it 7 straight…..Sammi Goldsmith, whose dad Mark is the Lacrosse coach at Northwest, she will be back as a senior next year and she was this year’s leading scorer……Sammi’s brother Jay is an excellent lacrosse player at NWG……

    Bishop has had a heck of a run and I believe they are supposed to be meeting Southwest Guilford in the regular season next year……

    Would like to know those high school enrollent numbers on Charlotte Catholic and Cardinal Gibbons and Bishop McGuinness too for that matter…..

  5. I don’t know where “Lack of knowledge” gets his/her information, but the part about not having a vote is incorrect. (The rest of his/her info was correct.) Every school has to be approved for membership initially or if they leave the NCHSAA, as Bishop did, and come back. They have to submit an application with extensive paperwork proving that they have and will abide by the association’s rules, and the association’s executive committee has to approve that application. And that is what happened.

  6. So to heck with attendance zones. Let the coaches form allstar teams and win it all. What would that prove? The whole idea of 1a, 2a and so on is for like size schools to be competitive against each other. Public schools teach kids to make it happen where you are and not run away from your problems. That’s the way life is in general. BTW Northern’s QB from the state championship team transfered away from our school, so don’t just say to get over it.

  7. I imagine they had to apply for membership with some type of rubber stamp application process, but the NCHSAA would not be able to tell reject them unless they changed their bylaws and they indeed were told many years ago that they had to accept non-boarding parochial schools for membership, so the idea that the NCHSAA itself could have denied entry is definitely false. Bishop McGuinness does have to follow strict rules including any NC public school transfer who comes in after the first day of 9th grade has to sit out 365 days, and most all of their kids came from their middle school system. Buckland was an exception I think from Wesleyan but not sure, but those teams that were so dominant in the first four state title games all came from their Catholic Middle school system. They have not won by cherry picking transfers from Guilford County public schools like some other schools I could name.

  8. Why do people continue to say or make statements such as “cherry picking transfers from Guilford Co public schools” ? There is not a private school in this state that is pulling kids from their public school and into a private school. Parents or care takers are the ones pulling the kids and putting them into a private school. There are a lot of good reasons to make these changes beyond sports such as “education”, “peer environment”, “better acceptance rates to colleges of choice”, “better career path modeling”, “greater flexibility with educational choices”, and “a direct focus on your specific kid by someone in charge”. The fact that multiple kids and parents decide to make the same at the same time and share the same classroom and/or field or court is their decision. Guilford Co is creating more of the problem than what many of the apparent readers/writers on this site realize.

    Mo Green and his adm is helping to create an environment within this county that parents of “good/great” athletes are tired of trying to fit into. There are many sports that kids are playing such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and football that require a high level of exposure beyond what the high school often is allowed to offer or provide. The private schools often can provide greater exposurer opportunities, contact and resources that the public schools are told to forbid by their coaches and adm. Did you know that high school coaches are specifically told that they cannot contact any student/athletes directly about their programs what they have to offer until the final game of their 8th grade year is over? This is crazy because it allows the private schools the opportunity to build relationships with kids and families for months and years before the public school can even begin to say “hey I am coach …”. No matter how much a coach speaks to a kid or parent, district rules will still rule the day but within the ability to start building relationships, then these coachs have a near zero chance of getting or keeping their best players over time. These policies are killing our community public schools but helping the private schools by driving the best and brights amongest us directly into the HPW,GDS, ORMA, FCDS, etc..

    The bottomline is that these are the choices of parents first and if Guilford Co does not stop treating the parents and their kids like their do not have choices when in fact they have all the choices if they are willing to pay for it, then this process will not only continue but excelarate.

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