The Sidney Lowe Radio Show will go on tonight on WSJS 600AM, but how much longer will coach’s name be on office door?

The Monday night Sidney Lowe Radio Show will continue, as it does during basketball season on WSJS 600AM tonight, but the BIG QUESTION is, “how much longer will Coach Lowe be the men’s basketball coach at N.C. State?????

He may remain on the payroll for a while longer, but when does a new coach take charge of this team and is there a chance that out of the blue(red), Lowe may continue to run the show for the Wolfpack even into next season???

CLICK HERE to read all and to get the full gist of what is happening down in Raleigh……..

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  1. I don’t think they are out to embarrass Sid. He is well loved but he might be too easy on his players. Maybe they will keep him on with some position in athletics dept.

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