High School Baseball Tonight for 3/15/11

Ragsdale 13
WS Parkland 0

Close game through 4 innings at 4-0 then Ragsdale opened it up.

WP:Duncan Sparks 4 innings, 2 hits, 11 K’s, 2 walks, 1 HBP, no runs
Mitch Carstens 1 inning, no hits, 1 walk
Zack Hodges, 1 inning, no hits, 2 walks.
Brandon Walker 2-3, Mitch Carstens 2-3, Joe Pantuso 1-2 HR (3), Kyle
Morrison 2-3

Southeast Guilford 5
Dudley 1

WP:Dylan Shutt
LP:Corey Kimber
HR:(SEG)-Josh Tobias, his first of the season, Butler and Barker both had triples for the Falcons….In the win, Shutt(SEG) gave up the one run on just one hit….SEG(6-1/3-0)…..

Western Guilford-Southern Alamance suspended….
Southern Alamance @ Western Guilford was stopped in the top of the 3rd due to
rain. The score was:
Western Guilford 5
Southern Alamance 2

Nin Marrero was on the mound for WG and Jacob Wolf was workkng for the SA. No make-up date announced yet.

East Forsyth 13
High Point Central 3

Southwest Guilford 16
High Point Andrews 0

HR’s:SWG-Andrew Madden 3 home runs…..

Northern Guilford 15
Eastern Guilford 6

WP:Austin Hardin
LP:Adam Gunn
James Hudson had two HR’s in the game for Northern Guilford and they came early helping stake the Nighthawks to an early 7-2 lead over Eastern…..Also for Northern Guilford Mason Monroe, Matt Page and Andrew Strubinger all had 2 RBI’s…..Kyle Lunsford, Tyler Hunt and Ryan Hackett all had key hits for Eastern Guilford and we had a few more, but the rain washed away a few of the plays….NG got out to an early lead due to some untimely errors by EG, but the Wildcats came roaring back and made a game of it after NG pulled starting pitcher Austin Hardin……Hardin looked strong and he has been one of the top pitchers in our area in the early season and NG should be in the games, every time he takes the mound…..EG will bounce back and NG is very young and the Nighthawks have set a good foundation for solid baseball teams for the next few years with kids like Coltrane, Monroe, Snyder, Page, Hudson and others, they will be a time on the rise…..Look for a peak year from EG, either this year or next with leaders like Will Oakes, Adam Gunn, Tyler Hunt, Hayden Holleman, Ryan Hackett, John Robertson, Adam Smith, LaSharn Hedrick, Kyle Lunsford and others…..

It was a wet night, but we saw 7 innings of baseball in early March and that is still a good thing…..Good luck to the Eastern Guilford JV and Varsity cheerleaders, as they head into competition at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina later on this week……


  1. For Northern-Eastern Guilford — Not sure where the game summary came from, but the highlight was James Hudson hitting 2 HRs with 4 rbi for Northern. Devyn Herrington also had 2 doubles with 2 rbi.

  2. Hudson is a new one on us…Was he there last year? We had him for at least one single, but some of his action at the plate may have come before we got there and it was not the best of nights scornig out there in that rain…..When our crew arrived it was already 7-2, NG….Somebody said one of the kids from Northern hit a ball off the foul pole early in the game…..Was a bit of a sloppy game with the weather and all and if Hardin stayed in, NG may have closed that game out in 5 innings….Good all around effort by both teams and maybe the best offensive effort overall by NG this season….First game of theirs and EG’s that I have seen this season…….Looking forward to those warmer days…..

  3. john robertson went 3-4 and ryan hackett and kyle lunsford had 2 hits a piece for the wildcats. NG dominated the game and had many key hits

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