Voting for Guilford County’s Top Boys and Girls basketball players coming to a close

We close the voting on Friday at 5pm, so that still gives you a few days to get your votes in, if you haven’t voted already for the Top Boys and Girls basketball players in Guilford County for the 2010/2011 season…..Just send us your Top Ten Boys and Girls public school squad and your Top Five Boys and Girls private school squad to…….

So far on the boys side we have been seeing a heavy number of votes cast for:
Bryce Benjamin(NEG)
Reggie Dillard(Dudley)
Frank Eaves(Page)
Tracy Gathings(Smith)
Brandon Hairston(Eastern)
Jalen Hairston(NEG)
Jordan Hanner(SWG)
Butch Huffman(Eastern)
Sam Hunt(Dudley)
Cody Hylton(NWG)
Jackson Kent(Page)
Terrell Leach(SWG)
Jake Mulvey(Grimsley)
Paris Scales(NEG)
Drew Williams(Smith)
Trevone Williamson(NEG)
Beniah Wise(Ragsdale)

Among the girls it is still anybody’s race for the Top Ten spots and so far we have seen good numbers for:
Shannon Buchanan(SWG)
Briana Clency(Western)
Samantha Coffer(Northern)
Brittany Drew(Page)
Desiree Drayton(Dudley)
Briana Garris(Smith)
Quon Greer(Smith)
Kamille Horne(Southern)
Ciara Jackson(Ragsdale)
Miranda Jenkins(Eastern)
Paris Kea(Page)
Zena Lovette(SWG)
Kiera McIvor(Dudley)
Ayshia McNeil(SEG)
Alyssa Munson(NWG)
Jessica Pone(SWG)
Michelle Williams(NWG)

*****Not a lot of votes on the private school side and we will play this by ear through Friday……*****

Remember if you haven’t voted already, send in your Top Ten, or just your Top Player(s) to……

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  1. Girls Votes
    Zena Lovette
    Jessica Pone
    Shannon Buchanan
    Shanel Lawerence
    Miranda Jenkins
    Ciara Jackson
    Paris Kea
    Michelle Williams
    Samatha Coffer

    Boys Votes
    Terrell Leach
    Jordan Hanner
    Frank Eaves
    Beniah Wise
    Reggie Dillard
    Jackson Kent

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