HS Baseball Bulletin Board for 3/21/11

Home run leaders now on the Bulletin Board…..
Andrew Madden(SWG) 4
Jaylin Davis(NEG) 4
Corey Kimber(Dudley) 4
Devin McLemore(Westchester) 4
Caleb McCann(NEG) were are thinking he’s at 4 may be 3….
Do we have others at 3, I know we have a pretty big group now at 2 homers on the season…..We need to start looking for those RBI numbers at 10-plus on for the year……

Games on the slate for today(Monday):

Western Guilford at Smith 5pm
Southern Guilford at Trinity 7:30pm
High Point Central at WS Parkland 7pm
High Point Andrews at Reidsville 7pm

One to be on the lookout for, coming up on Wednesday of this week:
Southwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford……


  1. Hornet you need to tell your coach to pitch your ace (Marrero?) tonight. I hear Smith is pretty tough and looks like you have a pretty easy schedule the rest of the week.

  2. What are the bat drop sizes that Guilford Co middle & high schools require kids to use nowadays? Thanks.

  3. SEG @ WG Tues
    SEG @ SWG Wed
    Page @ SEG Fri

    Hornet sounds like you had a pretty tight one with Smith. You should have pitched Marrero. 🙂

    Should be a full week of baseball. Not sure who we will pitch for us tomorrow night. We have a new 6′ 5, lefty kid that just moved here from Raleigh. He has a 92 mph fastball, timing killler changeup, and a fall off the table curveball. He doesn’t speak english very well but we are lucky to have him. I think he will pitch tomorrow or they may save him for Page.

    Anyways should be a good game. I will be requiring two hot dogs all the way and a Cheerwine from your find consession stand by 7PM Hornet!

  4. The hot dogs, you will have to put the fixins on yourself. (they are good though) Sorry but the Coke man says nothing but Coke products. Come for both games and eat twice, because the burgers are even better!

  5. You are right! I forgot about the burgers and I had a couple last year. Ok two Diet Cokes and 4 hamburgers. I’ll start at 4:30.

  6. ? on Bat requirements.

    -3 drop for high school and middle school. Next year bats change to the new college requirements.

  7. Jaylin Davis has 4 steals, and 10 RBI’s along with his 4 HR’s so far this season. The Northeast team itself has quite a few HR’s (team total). That would be a good category to add. Which team in the conference has the most HR’s totaled.

  8. sefan, I hope you enjoyed your burger. My crow was a little burnt. Your pitcher ( Deal-and-Shut) was on tonight, and we are very young. Sorry we couldn’t put up more of a fight. At least we did ave the rare feat of throwing out Tobias once. Looks like you guys have a good shot at conference.

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