NC Legislature looking at bill that could bring changes to North Carolina High School Athletics

Here is what the NC Legislature is looking into and they haven’t reached a vote on this issue/bill so far, but it would change the lay of the land in certain cases, as it pertains to public school/private school athletics…..

Senate Bill 361, would allow students at a private school,
home school, or charter school that does not have an interscholastic athletics
program in a given sport to participate in that sport at the “base public high

In addition, if a public school did not have a certain sports team, a
student could participate in that sport at the high school closest to the student’s
school which has that program.


  1. i have often wondered why home schooled kids are not allowed to participate. In GC kids that attend a magnet school that does not offer sports are allowed to participate in sports at the school they would have otherwise attended. seems unfair to not allow the home-schooled kids a chance. after all, their parents are still paying taxes. will be interesting to see how this one turns out. as for the students at the public schools participating in sports at another (nearest) school when their school does not offer a certain sport, sounds good.

  2. This would change the dynamics of HS football in this state. You would have more kids attending private school and playing a sport at their base public school.

  3. Does this mean that if a student is at Oak Ridge and they discontinue football and he is still in school at Oak Ridge that he could or would play football at Northwest or is Oak Ridge closer to Southwest Guilford High School? If a kid is at Greensboro Day does it mean now under this ordinance he has the opportunity to now play football at Page or is he closer to Northern Guilford or Northeast?

    We are going to need a universal map for the county. Does Caldwell Academy play football at Western Guilford or Northwest or does it go back to your house and if you live in Burlington but attend Oak Ridge you may be playing football or even basketball in the future at an Alamance County school. Possibly Williams or Cummings or even Eastern or Western Alamance.

    This could get confusing.

  4. Really coach? That map has existed for years. There’s a big book at every high school that shows every address in the county and what elementary, middle, and high school they go to. I like the idea.

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