Why N.C. State fans should be and have been fanatics…..

I have been listening to all of the radio shows and reading the web blogs about how the N.C. State basketball fans need to calm down and let the business of hiring their coach take care of itself….

Dave Glenn was saying today that he doesn’t get it when it comes to the N.C. State fans, being so jacked up about trying to get a new coach into Raleigh….”Debbie Yow can handle the proceedings”, the hosts keep saying.

The hosts are trying to make it sound like it is not a big deal…..N.C. State is not a real basketball school, the hosts are trying to lead you to believe….Dave Glenn is one of the best around when it comes to his knowledge of ACC football and basketball….Taylor Zarsour and Marc James want to make you think that they are, but that is a different story altogether…..

Dave Glenn has it down, but he is still missing the boat and many of you that read my writings/bloggings don’t really get the whole picture either….

Dave Glenn wasn’t around here when the real hayday of college basketball was going on….

Most of the rest of you might have missed it too….

ACC Basketball as you know it and see it today is rest a relic, of what it really was back in the day…..The real days of ACC Basketball….I have talked about it before and I will talk about it again, until I am red in the face…..

ACC Basketball today is just of hybrid of what it was in the past…..Back in 1974 N.C. State won the NCAA Title at the Greensboro Coliseum and that was and still is, the “Crowning Glory” of ACC Basketball…..

What you are watching today can’t compare to what we had and saw back in the 70’s…..Nobody on Duke’s team today could have started for N.C. State when they beat UCLA and Marquette to win the NCAA Championship back in 1974…..Nolan Smith might give State some minutes at the two or three spot, but not many….Monte Towe, Mo Rivers, David Thompson, Tim Stoddard, Tommy Burleson and Phil Spence as your top reserve…..

Tim Stoddard would have killed the Plumlee brothers and they are good kids, but that would be downright ugly….Stoddard would hurt those two and Ryan Kelly also and that’s not even bringing Tommy Burleson into their face….I get a little woozy when I think about Stoddard or Burleson meeting up with the Duke boys and the same can be said for all the kids on Carolina too……Henson would get broken in half by Stoddard and Zeller is not even half the player Burleson was….

This is not just some kind of trash talking….This is fact….Can you imagine any of the Duke or Carolina kids trying to stick David Thompson??? It would never happen…..Kyle Singler, Harrison Barnes, whoever…..Not going to happen. They couldn’t stick DT and you have to remember, N.C. State lost one game in two years, from 1972/1973-1973/1974…..One loss in two years!!!!!

There is no comparison with what we have today, to what we had with N.C. State and the Dean Smith-coached teams, back in the 70’s……

When I hear these radio shows and I see the articles sort of asking out loud why N.C. State feels they need to try and get to the level of Duke and North Carolina, I just cringe, because I know the story…….N.C. State historically speaking in terms of ACC Basketball is just as good as, and in reality when you look at the 1973 and 1974 seasons and see the beat team in ACC History, fans let me tell you something……

Don’t go crying when your team goes losing out in this year’s tournament, cause you ought to be crying after you read my fine work here, cause I got news for you…..Duke and North Carolina are no better than #2 when you look back at the best teams in ACC Basketball history…..

The best team ever…..You know it, N.C. State from 1974 with that NCAA Title at the Greensboro Coliseum…..That’s why N.C. State fans should be and need to remain fanatical……They have the best team ever and they need to start working to get headed back in that direction, with the hiring of their new coach….

In football, I don’t see anything that Carolina or Duke has had that can compare to the Lou Holtz teams with the Top Four backs to play for one team, at one time, in Willie Burden, Stan Fritts, Charlie Young and Roland Hooks…..Add in QB Dave Buckey and his brother Don, the wide receiver and you have the house….N.C. State fans get fanatical about that…..You need to……

I gave it to you and you are welcome and please come again, because I know from whence I cometh…………


  1. I’m not even sure what your point is. So what if State had “the greatest team ever” 37 years ago. What on earth does that have to do with State today?

  2. I get it Andy, we NC State fans need to get away from the idea that it would take a miracle like 1983 (as sweet as it was) to put a dominant team together. I love Sidney but the expectation level and mindset at NC State must change. I think Duke would fire Coach K if he had the record we have had at NCSU over the last many years. NC State used to be a basketball school…so what happened? Miracles are nice but you can’t count on them happening year after year. I think the facilities and the level of play is first class so we need to start thinking like champions and not underdogs.

  3. N.C. State has experienced success and to return to that level success expectations must remain high…They have been at the same or higher level than Duke or North Carolina and they must strive to get back there again….To say they can not go back to the days of their successes in the 70’s would be lowering the bar to a level of no return…..N.C. State must get back up there with Duke and North Carolina, because they can…..It sure won’t be easy, but it can be done…..

  4. The bottom line is that hiring Sid Lowe was a BIG mistake! He is a wonderful person and a great man, but he may be one of the worst head coaches in the history of the ACC. Anyone really watching the games could see he had no idea what he was doing!

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