HS Baseball Tonight for 3/25/11: Dudley, Glenn, Ragsdale, SEG, HPC, NG, ORMA and Ledford all winners……

Four one-run games on the Varsity side already tonight with Dudley 7-6, Ragsdale 1-0, High Point Central 3-2 and the Ledford Panthers 11-10, all winning by just one run and it was enough…Check out all the scores below….

Northern Guilford 5
Morehead 2


Dudley 5
Grimsley 2

Southeast Guilford 1
Page 0

Northeast Guilford 14
North Forsyth 0

WP:Caleb McCann no-hitter with 10 strikeouts….HR’s(NEG) Jaylin Davis #5 and Johnny Brown #4 on the season….Luis Paula two doubles and Matt Mllloway 2-4….NEG now (10-1) for the year….

Dudley 7
Grimsley 6

WP:Corey Kimber
LP:Sawyer Highfill

Glenn 9
Southwest Guilford 2


Ragsdale 1
Northwest 0

WP:Zack Hodges, 2 innings 2 K’s 2 hits no runs
LP:Duncan Everett 5 1/3 innings 2 k’s 3 hits 3 walks 1 error 1 run
No decision Tyler Southcott 5 innings 5 k’s 2 walks 1 hit 1 error no runs
For Ragsdale, Grant Desjardins 1-3, Kyle Morrison 1-3, Tyler Southcott1-3 1 RBI…..Ragsdale(4-5)/NWG(3-5)

Southeast Guilford 19
Page 0

WP:Craig Jacobelli
HR’s:(SEG) Josh Tobias, Dillon Barker, Blake Butler and Justin Reece……SEG(8-2)

High Point Central 3
WS Parkland 2

WP:Lucas Hess

Northern Guilford 6
Morehead 0

WP: Austin Hardin with 9 K’s, 1 walk and 3 hits…..

Oak Ridge 12
Randleman 4

Oak Ridge Military Academy 12 12 0
Randleman High School 4 8 4
WP:Sean Mas (complete game)

Oak Ridge Jasniel Morel (2)
Randleman Richardson

Ledford 11
Asheboro 10
(in 8 innings)
WP:Alex Allen
Duke Boger game winning RBI sacrifice fly

High Point Christian Academy 13
Cannon School 2

WP:Hanson Bulter….HPCA had Logan Gunn 3-4/3 RBI’s, Jared Gesell 3-4/3 RBI’s, Andrew Shoemaker 2-3/2 RBI’s and Jon Bethea 2-4 with 3 RBI’s….HPCA(8-1)

Dudley-Grimsley breakdown:
Winning pitcher Corey Kimber for Dudley hurled a 7-inning complete game for the Panthers….We have Kimber with 15 strikeouts(K’s) on the night…..Kimber gave up the six Whirlie runs on 7 hits and he walked five…..

Grimsley hitting:
Kory Shumate 1-4 with one run scored…Aaron Jones 1-4 with a triple…Sawyer Highfill 1-3 with one run scored….DJ Reader 1-1 with three walks and two of the three were IBB’s and he scored two runs….Kyle Smith 1-3 with a BB and two runs scored….Eric Stevens 1-3 with a double and 2 RBI’s…Seth O’Fallon 1-3 with a double and 2 RBI’s….

Dudley hitting:
Keith Robinson 3-4 with 1 RBI….Kevin Murphy 0-3 with 2 runs scored with a HBP and a reaching on a fielder’s choice….Zanie Seagraves 1-2 with a double and 1 RBI and 1 run scored…Rick Powell 0-1 with two BB’s and one run scored….Myles Sowell 3-3 with a triple and 2 RBI’s and 1 run scored….KJ McCallister 0-2 with a SAC Fly RBI….Leon Smith 1-3 with 1 run scored…..

Freshman pitcher Kyle Smith was solid in relief for the Grimsley Whirlies and I believe Smith yielded no Dudley runs, after taking over for Whirlie starting pitcher Sawyer Highfill…….


  1. Ledford 11 Asheboro 10 in 8 innings – Alex Allen winning pitcher; Duke Boger game winning RBI sacrifice fly

  2. SEG 19
    Page 0

    Long night for the Page pirates. Tobias, Barker, Butler and Reece hit homeruns. Jacobellie pitched well shutting down the Pirate bats. SEG seems to be coming together moving toward the mid-point of the season.

  3. Again, thanks to everyone that sent us in the scores tonight….We have another good scoreboard working and it is a tribute to all of you that sent us the scores here at the site/comment box and to andy@greebsborosports.com….Thanks again!

  4. JV game was close 1-0 SEG wins.

    Page Varsity squad seemed to have a depleted squad. I think only 10 players were uniformed. SEG bats were hot and Jacobelli pitched a great game.

  5. What’s up with Northwest baseball this season? With the youth baseball programs of Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Stokesdale and Colfax Rec Assoc there are literally hundreds of kids playing baseball every year from the time they can walk feeding that high school program. These rec associations have tremendous facilities, good coaching and the kids are fundamentally sound, not to mention there are 2 baseball academies within an easy bike ride of the high school. Northwest HS should be continually dominating local baseball and winning a state championships every third or fourth year with no excuses. There are so many opportunities available that no other schol has. Some of our local schools can’t even field a JV team. I just dont understand.

  6. The SEG / Page JV matchup was a great game! The only run scored was on a big hit from sophmore Tyrone Woolard. He drove a pitch deep to the left center gap for an RBI stand up double. Devin Sweet pitched a great game and Cody Ezzel came on in relief to close out the Pirates.

  7. Nothing wrong at NW. Colfax rec league is about dead in baseball. Down to 2 teams max. Other areas falling off also but Summerfield is a great rec league and growing. Lots of teams, lots to pull from. However NW fights the same issue every public school does…..they lose kids to private schools either before they get to HS or once they are there. Plus you have Northern and Western. Several Caldwell kids are from Summerfield. Several kids at ORMA. The talent just gets spread around. Just because they play rec ball in Summerfield doesn’t mean they end up at NW.

    Vickie, Glenn is well coached and they also have great rec programs that feed kids in there. K-vegas little league is still decent. SW is good, Glenn was just better last night.

  8. Northern Guilford jv beat morehead 5-2 Hunter Morgan went 7 innings 4 hits,Alex Lozada went 3 for 3 with 2 singles and a triple for Northern. Spencer Odell went for morehead defense made mistakes behind him, Northern nomw 8-3 so is morehead, Good game

  9. I beg to differ with Nothing Wrong on the pool of available talent that NW baseball has every year. Even if a couple of the rec leagues are down in the number of participants, and even if several kids every year decide to go to school elsewhere, the amount of baseball-experienced kids available to NW HS still far exceeds the amount coming through any other school in Guilford County and probably compares or exceeds any other NC area. And yet, this year’s team can’t maintain a winning record.

    Then look at the big picture, when was the last time NW won a state championship in baseball? This has got to be the most under-achieving program around. Again, I ask What’s the Problem?

    Baseball is all about fundamentals and these kids come into the NW program as freshmen who are fundamentally sound, whereby other area HS programs have to waste valuable field time teaching fundamentals to half of their rosters. Many other area schools have rosters full of athletes who only play baseball from February – April during the high school season. Most NW players play baseball for 3 seasons per year during HS, Summer Ball and Fall Ball. Yet these other area high schools compete on level baseball ground with NW. It doesn’t make any sense.

  10. I think you are underestimating other area feeder programs. Jamestown Youth League is an excellent youth program feeding SW. Pleasant Garden is another that feeds SEG, and Brown Summitt Feeds Northern and Northeast. All of these areas have excellent youth programs. Kids coming from these programs have excellent fundamentals although many have played travel ball as well. Point is there is alot of good competition all over the county at the high school level including NW. I don’t think the NW youth program is superior to any of the above mentioned although it is on par.

  11. The answer to what’s up can be summed up with two words.


  12. Although this is a forum for people to express their “opinions”, its not a forum to bash people. Saw on here last week, where someone was bashing the SWG coach and now people are doing same thing to NWG coach. Have you people ever thought about “manning up” and approaching someone and talking to them about situations. No because thats not how society does it anymore!!!!!!! Problem lies within the parents coddling kids and feeding them with a silver spoon, and the kids have never worked for a thing in their lives. Parents continue to live your dreams through your children and think they are the next coming and look in your trophy cases and see how many trophies or medals say 1st place, bet there aren’t many cause nowadays everyone gets a freakin trophy! So here in lies the expectation of every parent that their kid should play or their kids team should win. Try not spending so much time on blogs and go outside and throw with your kids or take em to the cage if y’all can do so much better of a job.

  13. Since so many of you out there continue to be so ignorant to possible reasons behind a team losing, here is a simple FACT-
    1) NW is in a REALLY good conference….Glenn, SWG, East Forsyth, Ragsdale, and NW all are talented enough to beat anyone in the state……E. Forsyth lost multilpe conference games last year and went on to the state finals. The team that WINS the conference this year will probably finish with a couple of league losses.

    For the record, Gann works his butt off with those kids, even devoting much of his summer to coach his own players. He knows baseball, is good with the kids, and cares. So, unless you are spending 12 hours a week away from your family to work for nearly nothing, please try and be postive.

  14. like ilovethisgame elude’s to, you cannot control how good you competition is. if you are playing close ballgames with very good teams and just coming up short, that is not a sign of bad coaching. move a few area teams into different conferences and you would see a huge difference. but for a lot of parents, it is always the coach’s fault when their son goes 0-4 and commits 2 errors.

  15. In response to Good Competition, I understand your point about other high schools having a good feeder program. But keep in mind that Northwest High School has 4 feeder programs. No other school has those type of resources funneling experienced kids into the freshman class every year. And it has been that way for many, many years. It creates a readily available talent pool that is unparalled in the state.

    By the way, Ilovethisgame, coaches get paid very well for teaching at summer camps. That’s why the participating kids have to pay a healthy fee to attend the camps. And also, you would love the game a lot more if NW was bringing home state championships every 3-4 years like they should be.

  16. It’s gonna be tough as long as the public schools keep on losing players to the private schools, cause you will never really have your set team from your area…..This is part of the current landscape and it effecting all the public schools….When kids and parents see others like Wil Myers doing great things at Wesleyan and similar private schools, they are going to start looking closer at Wesleyan too and many famlies are and Wesleyan has become one of the top programs in the state, public or private……Look at our top public schools right now record-wise….NEG(10-1), SEG(8-2), SWG(6-3) and Dudley(8-3) and then you start to see a big drop-off…..

    The flight to the private schools has effected our public schools, but you still have to do the job with the hand you are dealt, whether you are doing it left-handed or right-handed, just make sure you are not doing it under-handed or you will end up having it all handed back to you on an old dirty platter…..

    In the end, the kids have to get the most and the best they can out of all of these programs, if that is not the case then something is wrong and the shoes have to fit the same for the athletes at our schools and for the non-athletes….They are all in this educational boat together……..

    Just a few thoughts for the day……Support your public school coaches, their job/jobs are not going to get any easier…….

  17. Whats up, I was going to bite my lip on this one, but you make it hard. Your ‘subtle’ attempts are very transparent. But just for arguments sake, lets work with your assumptions.

    1) NW, should be the best team in Guilford County because of its feeder programs.

    As was said earlier by several posters, there are many very good feeder programs in Guilford County. Some, though, seem to be dying out because of lack of interest, and the growth of travel baseball. The two most successful ones that I am familiar with (please note that I said, ones that I am familiar with) are Summerfield and Pleasant Garden. I know there are many others such as Jamestown, and even ones right outside of Guilford County, like the Kernersville Little League. Summerfield’s program appears to be, by far, the biggest program in the N/NW part of the county…and they have been very successful from a growth perspective. However, I would say that, conservatively, 75% of those kids will go to Northern. Northern has had very good teams, and some of their players are Summerfield kids, including younger players that are making an impact in the program already. The remaining part of the Summerfield kids populate schools like Grimsley, Western, Northwest, etc.…and several young players are, and will be, making an impact at those schools, as well. The point is that the many recreation programs in the county are great starting points for baseball (whether it be Summerfield, Pleasant Garden or ones mentioned in the posts above) and provide players to all the schools in the area. Northwest doesn’t possess any competitive advantage in this way.

    Also, we can have a discussion on the definition of good coaching and fundamentally sound at some other time, but those are not absolutes just because you participate in a recreation program.

    2) There are two baseball academies within bike riding distance of Northwest.

    I assume you are talking about NCBA and PP, and for the sake of being complete lets add GBC in there. All great places, with great people, and a high regard for kids. I have been in all three facilities, and not once did I see a sign that read ‘For NW students only’. If you go into these places its great to see kids not only working out, but participating on the respective teams! Kids from all over the place…and I mean not just Guilford County. So where is there a competitive advantage for Northwest?

    3) Northwest HS should be winning a state championship every third or fourth year with no excuses.

    This is, by far, the most uninformed statement in your post. We could put together a team of the best high school players in Guilford County, and although it would probably win the state championship, it would be no guarantee. The level of high school baseball in the state of North Carolina has grown to incredible levels in the last 10 years. Go look at a commitment board for UNC or South Carolina, and see how many kids from the state of North Carolina have committed to these top flight baseball universities. Look how many kids are going to schools like Florida and LSU, not to mention ACC schools, or ECU, College of Charleston and Coastal Carolina. All of these schools have already, or are becoming, constants in the NCAA elite.

    High schools like Ardrey Kell in Charlotte, Holly Springs in Raleigh, Rocky Mount HS, Pinecrest, Greenville Rose, the Wilmington Schools, the Rowan County Schools, and North Davidson locally, are top notch. To expect any team, much less from Guilford County, to win a state championship every 3 or 4 years is not even close to reasonable. Why would you expect that from Northwest?

    In the end, we could argue back and forth forever, and I have no doubt I would never change your viewpoint. However, lets at least appreciate the really good competitive high school baseball we have in Guilford County that is provided by these programs (and yes, Northwest included) and enjoy the opportunity that we have to see these kids play.

  18. Guilford County Baseball Fan, no you haven’t changed my viewpoint but I very much enjoyed reading your well-thought-out opinion on the situation. Looking at a discussion from several differing angles is what makes this electronic equivalent of the old-school “water-cooler” sports conversation an enjoyable endeavor.

    However, underachieving remains underachieving when painted with any size brush. I point this particular red-tinted brush at no one individual but merely ask why a program that has every advantge available to it for so many years has consistently not played anywhere near its potential? And here we go again this year. I have merely listed the apparent advantages provided to the NW baseball program in prior posts but am still not convinced with any of the answers provided thus far.

  19. What’s Up…

    Fair enough, and thank you for the compliment. I appreciate the discussion, and alternative viewpoints such as yours and mine, as long as there is no harsh venom spewed at particular folks. I am sure we will continue to see good baseball this year, and hopefully, one of our Guilford County teams will push toward the state title you are talking about. Thanks again.

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