Stan Kowalewski’s ORMA Basketball Coaching Decision

The following is the statement from former Oak Ridge Military Academy boy’s basketball coach Stan Kowalewski:

Parents and Friends,

After 17 years of sacrificing my time with my family by coaching other people’s
kids and helping them reach their goals, I have decided that I need to spend the
rest of my coaching days with my own children and insure that they can reach all
of their goals. I am thrilled with the hundreds of student-athletes that we
have helped get to college and become solid members of their communities. Our
basketball family has become immense and I cherish those times and will continue to enjoy those relationships that we have created going forward. But now, it is important as a parent that I make a selfish decision and give as much time and effort to my own children’s athletic development as I have done for so many others. You don’t get time back and I don’t want to have any regrets later in life that I missed out on my children’s experiences. Therefore it is with a
heavy heart that I tender my resignation as basketball coach at Oak Ridge
Military Academy.

I would like to thank my entire coaching staff for their loyalty, support and
sacrifices over the years to help our players reach their goals. I would also
like to thank the administration and faculty at Oak Ridge Military Academy for
their support and efforts to restore the school to greatness. I would also like
to thank my family for allowing me to coach so many young men over the past
several years and to hopefully make a difference in their lives.

Finally, I thank the parents for their support of our basketball program and Oak
Ridge Military Academy and I will do whatever it takes to insure that our
seniors get to college and underclassmen are best prepared for the rest of this
school year and beyond.

Best regards,


Stan Kowalewski

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