They’re telling Harrison Barnes to stay in Chapel Hill with Heels

Des Moines Register columnist Sean Keeler says back in Iowa, that Harrison Barnes should return to Chapel Hill for his sophomore season……CLICK HERE and read why Barnes might be better off coming back with the Tar Heels next season, than he would be, if he took off for the NBA…..Big money on the table, but an NCAA Title Shot and possibly more money down the road, if Zeller, Henson, Marshall, Strickland and all the Heels along with Barnes come back/return in the fall of 2011……


  1. “Bruce the Hater” appears once again. Something eatin at you Bruce. It was just one more game. You will survive. You can ALWAYS hang your hat on the ACC Tourney (again). That and at least The Heels didnt make the Final Four. As a Tarheel fan I am happy with the season. Can Duke fans say the same about their season? Hmmmmmmmmm. Bruce does not fit this category but if you hate any one team more than you like your own…. you have a problem. Seek help!

    Barnes is the only one of the Heels that is anywhere near ready for the NBA. Of course, that never stopped young men before. NBA benches (and forign teams) are full of players that left early. However, I dont blame them one bit.

    It is time for the NBA to adopt the baseball style rules.

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