When Mascots Sue

When the Greensboro Hornets became the Bats, the Charlotte NBA Hornets paid them to change. When the ECHL Greensboro team came back after the AHL fiasco, they paid to use the Generals name.

Now we have the NC State Wolfpack suing Loyola University in New Orleans, they also call themselves the Wolfpack. (see Raleigh News & Observer Story).

This ownership of names, political correctness, etc is getting out of hand. How soon will it be before teams must have totally unique names, more than likely a combination of random letters and numbers.

Lets’ Go Abytff6789as‘ers!

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  1. It does seem pretty petty.
    Loyola of NO apparently was the Wolfpack as far back as the 30s, and later disbanded their athletics. State didn’t start using “Wolfpack” until 1947.
    State already dug their mitts into the U. of Nevada, restricting how they use “their” mascot images.

    I do kind of wish that if they are going to have 300 DI basketball schools, though, they wouldn’t let half of them be Spartans and Bulldogs though….

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