Running into PJ Hairston last year at McDonald’s and tonight he’s playing in the McDonald’s All-American game

*****[PJ had 15 points in the win by the East last night(Wednesday).]*****

It was about a year ago this time, that we ran into PJ Hairston, up at Smitty’s McDonald’s on Summit Avenue and he was telling us that he was headed to Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Virginia……

PJ, who played his first three years of high school basketball at James B. Dudley High School, here in Greensboro, was up at that McDonald’s on Summit last year and here he is this year, averaging 25 points a game for Hargrave and after eating at the McDonald’s, tonight he is playing in the McDonald’s All Star Game and who knows, he might just be starting in the game, and you kind of have to think, he will….

(If you are going to the game it sounds like a pretty good deal:Catch future superstars in action at the United Center in Chicago on Wednesday, March 30. Tickets start at just $10, with free parking included.)

A long ways for PJ, going from the McDonald’s on Summit, to the McDonald’s Game in Chicago, with the tip-off set for 10pm on ESPN…..PJ pretty much broke that news, about leaving out for Hargrave with us last year, at the McDonald’s on Summit and being up at Smitty’s today for the $3.23 lunch, I couldn’t help but think back to that day, when PJ said he was heading out for Hargrave in Chatham, Virginia……

I also couldn’t help but think back to all those radio interviews we used to with PJ, at the end of the Dudley games, in the post-game show, where would be named the Steak N Shake Player of the Game….PJ kind of got his start with us on the radio, back in the day and it will be neat to see him on National TV and to hear him on the North Carolina Tar Heel basketball games, when they start interviewing him….That will probably start out tonight and continue on to next season with Woody Durham, Eric Montross and Jones Angell…..

It’s always nice to know you knew the kids, back when they were just starting out…..

Go luck PJ and we hope you make it all the way; to the NBA one day……..


  1. PJ with 8 at the half……………job well done so far. Keep making us proud young man and remember, you were nominated for this game for your performance while at Dudley!! Two McD’s All-Americans in just over 10 yrs. from one of the best programs in the country right here in Guilford County. Gotta luv it!

  2. Saw him in dunk contest night before and he was leader after round 1. he got some hops. ran out of gas when he misses the ” throw it off back of glass and catch it while going under backboard and throw it down”. Plumlee look good on his dunks but he didn’t win either but was in final round.

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