Big names return to Tar Heel turf(UNC) for their pro day

Marvin Austin was back in town, Greg Little is back again and Robert Quinn has made his way back in, to Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina campus, for Pro Day….The pro scouts are in town checking out potential Tar Heels, who might go in the draft, if there is one and they are also looking at players that might eventually sign free agent contracts, if they still have those after the lockout…….

Austin, Little and Quinn, all hope to be in the National Football League this time next year and they are hoping to be in the league, later on next month and they want to suit up later on in the summer and get their careers off the ground, at the next level…..They were all Tar Heels at one time, but Little and Quinn saw little, if any playing time at all this past season, after being forced to sit out due to some agent-player relations and gifts that ended up coming their way and as for Austin, he was dismissed from the team, due to his involvement with now-deceased agent, Gary Wichard……Former Tar Heel assistant football coach John Blake, was also caught up in the whole mess, that caused the Tar Heel program to be under very tight scrutiny and NCAA investigation this past season…..

Well there is a bit of re-cap and to get the real inside from the sports line down in Chapel Hill, CLICK HERE….

*****I thought we gave you a pretty fair rewind of what went on today and last season at the University…….*****(Sometimes it is a bit tough, remembering all those names, but we nailed most of them…..)