Greensboro College tops WSSU at WMS with exclusive details on WFMY NEWS 2 at 11pm

The I-40 Finale, where the winner takes/took all, in the war over bragging rights for the Guilford County/Forsyth County line….Greensboro College wins today and they own the line…..See line score and info on upcoming Game Video from Brian Formica and WFMY NEWS 2 below:

Greensboro College 10
Winston-Salem State 2

The line…..
Greensboro College 10-14-2
Winston-Salem State 2-8-2

The video:
Game played today at War Memorial Stadium with a start of 4:30pm, as opposed to the listed 6pm and WFMY NEWS 2 Sports with Brian Formica with have video details at 11pm this evening from their studios just up the street from the Stadium…..Brian was on the scene and he will have exclusive footage on the Greensboro-Winston-Salem battle tonight in sports…..This was the battle for the County Line that runs between Winston-Salem and Greensboro and Greensboro owns that line, after the Pride’s win tonight……The line actually runs right through Colfax, but most people watch for it now as they travel the new I-40……Who would have ever dreamed that we could come up with this much info, on this game and we only saw the last 20 minutes of the contest….This brings a whole new meaning to the baseball term, “Bull Durham”……..