Harrison Barnes could be ready to play the “Stove Top Stuffing” card and end up staying in Chapel Hill

It is now almost like a daily topic with the college basketball players…..The saying back in the day was, if we’re having “Stove Top Stuffing”, then I’m staying and the new update today is that Harrison Barnes might be staying and stuffing at North Carolina, again next season…..

His name has been moved from the 2011 mock NBA Draft to the 2012 mock Draft, where is he is listed behind Duke’s incoming freshman Austin Rivers……So is Barnes staying??? One guy in the Charlotte Observer comment box says that his cousin’s barber does Barnes hair and that Barnes has told the barber that the classes are easy and the girls are hot at North Carolina and that he really likes it in Chapel Hill…..

CLICK HERE and you can check in and see what they are talking about tonight, as the “ACC See You Now or Later Saga” continues…..It does make for some interesting talk……Again today’s installment comes in from the Charlotte Observer…..


  1. When I think of Stove Top Stuffing, I usually think about Charles Barkley.
    I’m glad you explained that “I’m staying” bit from back in the day. 🙂

  2. Even though it would be unusual for him to stay because he is a sure 1st round pick, I can believe his comment about the classes. Talking with several of their current athletes in revenue and non-revenue sports they all comment it would be tough to flunk out with all the support they are given. Per his comment, the classes are easy.

  3. 4-1-2011

    I have just heard that the Japanese radiation has just reached the Chapel Hill water supply. Harrison Barnes has been the first one affected by this. Overnight his roommate has said that his head size has doubled. His teammates and others around him have been advised to refrain from drinking the kool aid.

    Also heard today that former ORMA basketball coach K has just signed on to be Wake Forest’s head coach. The coach at Wake has just accepted the head basketball coach position at NCSU. Should be a good investment for both schools.

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