4-1-2011 Greensborosports.com NEWS Flash!!!

from one of our daily/weekly readers:


I have just heard that the Japanese radiation has just reached the Chapel Hill water supply. Harrison Barnes has been the first one affected by this. Overnight his roommate has said that his head size has doubled. His teammates and others around him have been advised to refrain from drinking the kool aid.

Also heard today that former ORMA basketball coach K has just signed on to be Wake Forest’s head coach. The coach at Wake has just accepted the head basketball coach position at NCSU. Should be a good investment for both schools.


  1. Andy,

    I know this is April Fools Day, but I can’t believe after all Coach K and his family have been through you would
    make a joke about him coaching at Wake Forest. Making light of him and his career at this time is totally unprofessional and inappropriate.
    April Fool I loved it and I’m sure the other readers will as well .

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