HS Baseball Tonight for 4/1/11: NWG, SWG, SEG, WCD, ORMA all winners…..

Northwest Guilford 10
High Point Central 3

WP:Duncan Everett
LP:Trevor Gay

Southwest Guilford 12
Ragsdale 2
5 innings
WP:Matt Orth
LP:Mitch Carstens
HR:(SWG) Matt Orth 3-run home run with 5 RBI’s…

Southeast Guilford 10
Grimsley 0

WP:Craig Jacobelli
LP:Ryan Stoneman
Jacobelli 2-3 with 3 RBI’s, Blake Butler 1-3 with 2 RBI’s, Colby Keene 1-2 with an RBI…..

Westchester Country Day 10
Salem Baptist 0
5 innings
WP:Adam Kirkman(4-0)

Oak Ridge 8
Cardinal Gibbons 1

Cardinal Gibbons H S 1 7 3
Oak Ridge Military Academy 8 4 1
WP:Sean Mas (Complete Game)
LP: Sinopoli
HR:(ORMA)Tyler Webb +3 RBI
Cardinal Gibbons(5-5)

SEG 14
Grimsley 3

Key NWG-HP Central numbers….
NWG hitting….
Sanders Kuxhausen 2-3 with a double and an RBI…
Chris Corbett 1-4 with one run scored…
Ben Schmucker 0-3 with a BB and one run scored…
Duncan Everett 2-4 with a double, 2 RBI’s and one run scored…
Keaton Haack 1-4 with a double and two runs scored…
Adam Swim 2-3 with a double, 2 RBI’s and 2 runs scored….
Stephen Plante 1-1 with a run scored…
Jackson Bellenkes 2-3 with two runs scored and one RBI….
Victor Dilla 2-2 with an RBI…
Matt Bond 1-1 with a two-run Triple….(2 RBI’s)

High Point Central hitting:
Will Johnson 2-2 with a double, one run, one RBI and on base all four at-bats with also a BB and HBP…..
Seth Beane 1-4
Zach McClain 2-4 with 2 RBI’s…..
Josh Wilson 1-3 with one run scored…
Tyler Wilson 1-3 with one run scored…

NWG winning pitcher Duncan Everett gave up three runs, on 7 hits with one walk, 10 strikeouts and 1 HBP in six innings of work…..


  1. Got any more scored out there????? I know we have some more out there somewhere….What about that Page-WG and EG and NG and NEG and others???

    Let’s hear from you……

  2. Thanks to Mr. Hess for the ink pen loaner tonight and we just got the NEG score…..NEG over Ledford 24-16 with 7 HR’s in this game and Luis Paula hit for the cycle with 9 RBI’s on the night…..

  3. Way to go Hornets but I wonder what has happened to Page?? They started the year strong but appear to be fading. Injuries?

    Our game with SA is going to be huge next Friday night. Hopefully our arms stay strong and our bats stay hot.

  4. The Piedmont 4A baseball conference continues to stay tight. Too bad only three teams get a bid to the State playoffs with an outside chance at a wildcard which probably won’t happen because the conference beats up on each other. Andy, can you post the conference records for each team and key match-ups the next two weeks? I know that Northwest plays at Glenn this Friday which should be a good game. Curious if Glenn is still undefeated in conference play and what is East Forsyth’s record? I think Ragsdale is 3-4 and Southwest is 3-3. Northwest is 4-3. Fun times in the Piedmont 4A baseball race.

  5. To Northwest Vikings: Thought top 4 teams got into State Playoffs. Something change this year.

  6. Strangely officiated game last night at Southeast. I have never seen the umpire call time out in the middle of an inning and allow the base runner, which was Josh Tobias to walk 20′ off of first base bag while smoothing down his runway to second base. I was waiting for the umpire to walk over to the equiupment shed and provide a rake to Tobias, at least that wouldn’t have taken so long. I’m sure the pitcher would have preferred a rake instead of having to walk circles around the mound in 40+ degree weather watching this preferential treatment unfold. If both of the umpires would have grabbed rakes and taken direction from Mr. Tobias, it would have at least gone a lot quicker and would have still achieved the same result.

  7. So, “Go big Blue”, you’d rather see a kid break an ankle?

    I’m a SE fan, but would have had no problem with the same situation with a Grimsley player. Were you aware of the condition of the ground around first base at all?

    Is that really all you can complain about?

  8. There was plenty of TOs on the Grimsley side to argue minor judgement calls in both games last night even though both games were not close.

    Have some class Big Blue.

  9. @yankeeclipper: Only three playoff spots to Piedmont 4A unless a fourth team gets a wild card birth. Those are the rules that have been set by the state. Really unfortunate for this talented conference. Glenn, East Forsyth, Southwest, Ragsdale, Northwest, and I have seen the High Point Central coach making some progress with the pitchers and the hitters at that school even though their record is a little rough around the edges. The HPC coach seems to be top class. I like the way he keeps it all in perspecitve for the players on the field bringing them together in the huddle when they come off the field. I have not seen or heard of Parkland’s play this year. ( I know they have a top class wrestling team.)

    Good to see the baseball players of this conference with class and good sportsmanship on and off the field. Always like to see the hustle on and off ,no showboating. Cheering your team on, picking up the catcher’s mask for the other team or handing a bat off. No cursing, no throwiing the bats or helmets, no putting down your own team or the opposition. Classy ball which reflects the coach, the school ,and most of all the athlete’s upbringing and reflection of himself. You do your best, that is what it is all about.

  10. Baseball fan sorry but you are wrong SW is 7-4 3-3 in league, losses 2 to glenn 1 to se 1 to ragsdale .

  11. Sorry about that numbers blurr on Southeast Guilford….The SEG Falcons only have two losses….4-1 loss to NEG and the 1 conference loss to Southern Alamance….My bad there and it has been corrected…..Playing around with too many numbers, but the old editing button can be your best friend…..

  12. Where is the first family of baseball coaching this year? Did they ever give Palomino baseball their share of the Bob Does memorial tournament?

  13. You do a great job Andy, my son has been in the hospital therefore I havent been keeping to close attention.

  14. Sefan…The Grimsley coach had every right to argue every one of those calls by the umpires. Josh clearly did not slide at home and endangered the Whirlie catcher in trying to aggressively dislodge the ball from the mitt. I have seen that called every time this year, BUT ONE. On the “foul ball” call, the pitch clearly struck the Grimsley hitter directly on the left wrist and fractured his hand, he is now out for the season. Coaches have every right to question a call if they need expanation or wish to present their case.

    Chris, for some reason the SE first and seond basemen had no problem with the infield conditions. The Grimsley first and second basemen had no problem with the infield conditions and every base runner from both teams, with the EXCEPTION OF ONE, had no problem with infield conditions. My point was not that a problem may have existed, my point is in the way it was handled. I used the term “strangely officiated” in the earlier post and that’s exactly what it was…STRANGE

  15. The catcher has to have the ball to block the plate. The catcher was no where near the ball. This is not little league. Learn the game.

    From behind the plate it looked like the ball grazed the knob of the bat before hitting his hand. Sorry he injured himself on that play. Hope he is back soon.

    I guess you were on the field and saw the conditions. Even on Saturday the infield was muddy.

    In any case these minor calls had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. Complain when you get beat by 1 not 10+.

  16. Go Big Blue! I am with you, probably just a case of an overhyped kid saying “look at me” play in the dirt. Maybe he was looking for that trampoline that he has been hopping on all year on the bases. It must have been covered up by the dirt.

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