Bob Doss Memorial Classic Baseball Scores from this afternoon

Bob Doss Memorial Scores from today at Grimsley High School
Western Almance 15
Morehead 12

Eastern Guilford 15
Grimsley 0

WP:Adam Doyle
Wildcat catcher was Dave Doyle…

Dudley 14
Smith 0

WP:Leon Smith
Didn’t get all the Panther hits, but two that registered with me were a two-run triple by Corey Williamson and an RBI double by Alante or Dilante Tilley….There were more hits, but I did not see the entire game, but I remember those two since they really seemed to excite the crowd….Good job by Leon Smith with the start and he worked his way out of bases loaded jam in the 4th inning to preserve the shutout….Tilley came on in relief of Leon in the 5th….

More on Conference Games from Friday night:
Eastern Alamance 7
Eastern Guilford 2

Dudley 13
Smith 3
(6 innings)


  1. EG winning pitcher was adam doyle. Dave doyle is his brother and the wildcats’ catcher. Adam doyle looked good out there, deserves more innings

  2. Just wondering how a guy that goes to Dudley games decked out in Dudley Gear and knows everyone there on a frist name basis could be allowed to umpire a Dudley game? I’m taking nothing away from Dudley just wondered how anyone allows Big John to do that?

  3. John Mann knows everbody by name. He makes it a point to learn the guys and coaches names. I have the utmost respect for John and I coach the Western Palomino team.

  4. Fair enough Hornet. He doesn’t hang out at your games when he’s not umpiring wearing black and gold does he? I’m sure he’s a good umpire he just puts himself in a position that’s hard to defend.

  5. On the Doyle deal, I was talking to the EG Middle School assistant coach and was gettknig some names and I think I wrote the wrong one down on my small card…I think I was talking to Coach Hunt, with Tyler Hunt connections, but Eastern as has a Tyler Wolfe and three Adams with Adam Gunn, Adam Smith, and Adam Doyle….There’s also a Dave Doyle and he is the bigger of the two Doyles….Those EG names are fun to try and keep up with…..All names are like that I guess….In MLB a few years back you had a Denny Doyle and a Brian Doyle and in the movies there was a Popeye Doyle……Will Oakes, John Robertson and Ryan Hackett and Bobby Hedrick at least they call him Bob or Bobby, they’re out there too for EG and so are a few others…..

    On John Mann, he was not umpiring today, so I would think he was just there to show support for his old high school….I have heard plenty of Dudley fans give him grief over the years and that is part of what goes along with the umpire’s job….Big John does his job well and he has good insight to what is going on in the community…..I think most of the kids know him or they get to know and they know he is fair and enjoys what he does and does it in a professional manner when carrying out his umpire duties……If I was kid and saw Big John was going to be calling the game, I would feel we would be getting a fair shake from someone that cares about the kids and wants to see them succeed on and off of the field…..Big John doesn’t always work behind the plate, so he can give you the balls and strikes or work the bases too….He does a good job in my opinion and he knows what is going on and he has a sincere interest in the community and in Guilford County…I like Big John’s laugh too, it is kind of like a buffer that soothes the overall situation…..I don’t even know any of the other umpires, but from what I can see with Big John, he knows a lot more than just the game of baseball……

  6. would it be better, if he wears a suit. whats wrong with the black and gold. sounds like somebody needs some cheese to go with that. and a violin

  7. Andy…Those EG names are pretty tough to keep up with at times for sure. The one name that you called that stuck out was Lashon “Bobby” Hedrick. His name is not even Bob or Bobby or anything close to that it is Lashon Hedrick. However, if you are from the Gibsonville or Elon area you know that Bobby Hedrick did go to Eastern Guilford and was an All American running back. He also went on to Elon College at the time and became an All American college running back as well. This Bobby Hedrick I speak of from times past is actually Lashon’s uncle. Therefore, the coaches and players started calling him Bobby last year and it kinda just stuck.

  8. Eastern Guilford just has so many kids that contribute to the Cat’s cause and on any given day it could be anybody…..I have heard them calling Lashon, Bob and I asked his parents about last that at a Colt game last Summer and they told me he was Bobby’s nephew….

    Hayden Holleman is another key part of the ‘Cats and he is part of the Junior class Cat Corp that might be about ready to peak this year or next….They even had Joey Loosemore in there battling with the bat in hand on Saturday and he can also help the ‘Cats….Where is Butch Huffman at this year, I thought he was with the team last year, in his Junior season???

    Good to have some good ‘Cat kids to talk about……

  9. Topfin29,
    what exactly are you trying to say?
    Are you questioning the fact of John knowing players/coaches by name he calls their games, Knowing parents by name a number of them coach in the summer leagues or have lives outside of the game of baseball.
    Does he know you by first name I see you are not using it on this post.
    Are you questioning the clothing he chooses to wear when he is on his personal time … Have you given him something from your school to wear.
    Are you trying to define who someone can have as friends or where they can go …. PLEASE get a life
    Are you questioning how he calls a game , his professionalism as a umpire … what???
    Or is it something deeper with in ones’s self?
    Because you will have to look long and hard to find someone who cares more for the kids and the game of high school baseball.
    So if you don’t know the MANN then please stop trying to create negativity , If you do know him be a man & talk to him instead of posting behind a blog name.
    FYI John has called 2 games all year where Dudley(9-3) was playing (1 behind dish). How many have you atteneded since you have enough info to post on the subject
    One thing I can say when you see John comining to call a game no matter where it is you know what you are going to get a fair game whether you like him or not.

    FYI John has called 2 games all year where Dudley(9-3) was playing (1 behind dish). How many have you atteneded since you have enough info to post on the subject

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