Gregg Marshall staying at Wichita State: Anybody got Bob Valvano’s phone #???

CLICK HERE to read all on Gregg Marshall’s decision to remain at Wichita State, after leading the Shockers to the NIT Title just last week and they ended up with an (29-8) record this season…..Rick Barnes(Texas), Sean Miller(Arizona), Josh Pastner(Memphis) Shaka Smart(VCU), Gregg Marshall(Wichita State); the list of coaches that have said NO to N.C. State is getting longer……

Who will Debbie Yow pull out of the fire to resuce the Wolfpack men’s basketball program????? Does anyone have Bob Valvano’s phone number?????


  1. Were any of these guys OFFERED the job? I didn’t think so. No one really knows, so I guess media outlets have to make a story out of something. Nothing to see here…move along

  2. This article by you just solidifies to me and the rest of WOLFPACK NATION that you have no clue what your talking about…..Go eat some donuts or something Andy. Wuffie is exactly right…..No one knows anything except Debbie Yow. She knows what she is doing with her job unlike you with your “Job”….Bobby Knight said it perfect “Sportswriters are one or two steps above the profession of Prostitution”

  3. Sports writers are supposed to draw readers…and responses to their stories…so…2 wins there for the sports writer.

  4. Shaka Smart was absolutely offered the job after a direct conversation with Debbie Yow. Can’t speak to any of the others, but Smart received an offer, unless you think the quotes in the Associated Press from the VCU AD are lies.
    You boys are getting mighty sensitive about this search. Seems like Deja Moo to me.

  5. Sure are a lot of coaches around the country getting raises in the last week. Wonder why?

  6. Wolfpack Nation. Why is there always a conspiracy against you guys? Now it is the media, huh? And the referees, and John Swofford, and on and on and on. The whole world is out to conspire against N.C. State.

  7. NCSU fans are living in a dream world. Raleigh is not a top-shelf destination in the basketball world. Has not been since 1987. Look at the facts. Richmond is 10 times the city Raleigh is. VCU is just as big as NCSU and is a liberal arts school, not a tech-ag school like NCSU. Smart might own the entire Richmond-Tidewater recruiting market in a few years. That is fertile soil for major recruits and always has been. NCSU’s campus is stuck in the 1950s.

    I am surprised the Withcita St. guy did not come. Could be that all the coaches are listening to Gary Williams and are smart enough to see what they did to Sendek at State.

    I think State can develop a good program over time, but in reading comments across the web from NCSU fans I just think they are totally out of touch with reality when it comes to the quality of that job.

  8. I, for one, am glad Smart is no longer a candidate for the job. Roy and K would eat him alive. I am surprised about Marshall, but there is a reason he has not made the jump from mid-major yet.

    What is not quality about the job? Money- yes; facilities- yes; rabid fan base- yes; basketball history (albeit not recently)- yes…what else is there? Would we really want a coach that is not up for competing with Roy and K? Do we really want a coach that is afraid of pressure? I know I don’t. Everything is in place to make the next coach a hero if he has the cajones to do it.

  9. ANDY DURHAM hired as next NCSU coach! He has all the qualifications and knows way more about Basketball than anyone in the world! He could defeat Roy and K easily and would do it in those Short shorts he loves to wear!

  10. This is got Lee Fowler`s DNA all over this sad situation. NC State nation realize you have not been relevant in any sport forever especially basketball.

    Guys just blame it on Lee, you did last time. And by the way ask Gary Williams @Maryland if he would work for Debbie Yow again and see what he tells
    you about her Micro Management style.

    Good luck you are almost down to where you were last time, I think the 6 or 7th choice. This is hilarious.

  11. Soon that N.C. State search committee will be looking for another missing person. ANDY DURHAM

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