Should we start referring to the Maryland Terrapins basketball coach as Gary S. Williams?

Should we start referring to the Maryland Terrapins men’s basketball coach as Gary S. Williams, with the “S” standing for Sabotage or sabotour???

North Carolina State Athletic Director Debbie Yow said today that Williams tried to sabotage the N.C. State coaching search…..

AD Yow really opened up at the press conference today to announce the new Wolfpack basketball coach and she said it like this from Lorenzo Perez at

AD Yow….
“I have a reputation of not getting along with Gary Williams, who has tried to sabotage the search,” Yow said. “… It’s Gary Williams out there doing his thing, so whatever.”

The follow-up statement from Gary Williams:

“I haven’t talked to anyone – coach or athletic director – connected to the N.C. State search,” Williams said in the statement. “I don’t have any interest in the N.C. State search, since I’m coaching at Maryland and working hard to run our program. Anyone who says I’ve had contact with a prospective coach or athletic director regarding this search isn’t being truthful.”

To read all from Lorenzo Perez on the Yow-Williams war of words at the Charlotte Observer CLICK HERE……

Tom Sorenson from the Charlotte Observer says, if N.C. State needs a motto for their coaching search, just completed, he has one for them:”Good help is hard to find”….

CLICK HERE to read all from Sorenson….


  1. From another website:

    “Ask the Bama boys about him sleeping with his star players’ girlfriend.

    Nothing says “I’m on your side kid” like sleeping with your PG’s girlfriend.

    Can you imagine coming home from work and saying “Hey honey, I resigned today from Bama.” Wife says,”Why did you do that, baby.” Husband says, ” Cause I got caught frigging my PG’s girlfriend and he went and told everybody in the whole state.”

    Dude must be one heck of a recruiter to get his wife to stay with that commitment.

    On second thought, he is probably the best hire she could have ever made. If he can sell that snake oil to his wife, imagine the lies he can sell to State fans.

    And I have never heard a GROWN person cry about someone talking bad about them. Hey Deb, put on your big girl panties before your next coaching search. When you try to round up people to pony up money to fire a guy, two years after he wins the ONLY National Championship in that schools history, he is going to be ****ed. Add to the fact that he is a graduate of that University and you were trying to turn his own people against him, Yeah he is going to try and get you back. Which is exactly what he did by having you run out of Maryland. Gary just happens to have alot of friends in BB. You might want to consider that before your next search starts. Which by my count is now about 4 years away, starting…………NOW! “

  2. Truth, so I guess you have all the facts on that do ya? Whether true or internet rumor fortunately he’s not cheating like they did the past few years in Chapel Hill.

  3. On what Bruce Mitchell was saying, “you got that right”….Amen, brother…..We need a Durham representing us in Raleigh…..

  4. unc cheat,
    Do you think that Paul Finebaum would report on nationally syndicated radio yesterday afternoon that Gottfried was terminated due to a sex scandal if it wasn’t true? He would be opening himself up to a blatant slander suit if he didn’t know for a fact it was true.
    Spin all you want to, but as Ed Hardin wrote this morning, this was a very odd hire. And a desperate one. Wonder how Gottfried feels after sitting there hearing Yow tell the media all the reasons they weren’t able to hire a top coach?
    Yow makes Baddour look competent.

  5. Auburn Fan,
    Your day is coming. Too much smoke around you guys. Shouldn’t have let Pat Dye and Co. hang around the program this long.

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