The Top Five sports moments in the history of this state: Who’s #1?

The North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame is looking for the Top Sports Moment, in the history of the state and they had a list of 22 possibilities and now they have decided on a group of Five, but of this five, which one is the Top Sports Moment in the history of the state of North Carolina?????

Here is the list of Five, from Scott Fowler at the Charlotte Observer and be sure to click below, to see the full list of the original 22….

May 8, 1953: The Atlantic Coast Conference is voted into existence with seven original institutional members.

March 23, 1957: North Carolina defeated Kansas and Wilt Chamberlain to win the NCAA basketball championship with a 32-0 record.

February 10, 1962: North Carolina’s Jim Beatty became the first man to break the 4-minute indoor mile (3:58.9) in Los Angeles.

March 9, 1974: No. 1-ranked N.C. State defeated Maryland in “the greatest college basketball game ever played” for an NCAA berth.

April 4, 1983: In what some regard as the biggest upset in NCAA Tournament history, N.C. State beat Houston for the national title.

CLICK HERE to see the full list and the article by Fowler on the list and the Big 22…

Here is one close to our home that didn’t make the Top Five:
February 13, 2006: Greensboro’s Joey Cheek became one of North Carolina’s most unlikely heroes winning the gold in Olympic speed skating.

*****Others that didn’t make the Top Five, North Carolina over Georgetown for Dean Smith’s first NCAA title….Duke over Kentucky on Christian Laettner’s shot and Appalachian State over Michigan 34-32 in the college football shocker….***** Plenty more to look at, be sure to click above….

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  1. What about the Bengals dominance over the Guilford county schools in the “Little Four/Pizza Hut Invitational” “

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