Big Game James would love the layout and lineup of games that we have coming up on Friday(tomorrow)…..

“Big Game” James Worthy would be saying this is big….”Big Game” James Tucker would say he has never seen anything like it…..”Big Game” LeBron James would say, give me the night off from the Miami Heat, I’ve got to get to Greensboro……”Big Game” Jesse James would tell you, all I want is just one more shot, just one more shot and I can hit the game winner, or I’ll shoot us right into the playoffs…..

On Friday here is what we have announced already…..
Baseball:Grimsley at Page…..Last time, it was a one-run win by the Whirlies at Grimsley, after Page led early 5-1…..
Westchester Country Day at Caldwell Academy….Two of the top-ranked teams in the state at the NCISAA 2-A level…..Only one team has beaten both WCD and Caldwell and that was Kerr Vance Academy, last Saturday afternoon at WCD……Early first-pitch of 4:30pm….
Oak Ridge vs. Brush(Ohio) at Stoner-White Stadium in Jaycee Park….Brush has been down here on their Spring Break all week and they are just about to wrap up their Southern Tour, with what they hope will be a win over the Cadets, but ORMA wants to hush Brush and send the Ohio boys home on a sour note, but that can’t be the real story, even if Brush goes down……Brush always enjoys their stop in the South and Greensboro is happy to host them each and every year….We are always glad to have them, and look forward to another Brush with the greatness next season, in 2012….Good luck Brush and be careful on the return trip to Ohio and we hope to see you guys back in here again next year……
Southern Alamance at Southeast Guilford……This is looking like it will be for all the marbles in the Metro……The 4-A can play and on this day, they will say, it could go either way……Patriots or Falcons and we always pull for the Falcons, since they are from Guilford County…..This is the one your grandma used to talk about, right before the Buffalo charged through her flower garden and ran her over….It will be big and the best advice we can give you is to, “Get There Early”……Edddie Sappelt vs. Josh Tobias could turn out to be like a heavyweight battle for the ages….Got to wait and see, but I can see clearly now on the way in, that this is going to be one that the locals will talking about, for many years to come……..We might see the buffalo return to Forest Oaks, before they stop talking about this one…….

Lacrosse:Lake Norman at Northwest Guilford…This might just tell the real story of who is the best in the state, from what I have been hearing….Something like #1 NWG vs. #2 Lake Norman…..Who is the best?

I ask that same question in a little bit of a different light/twist…..I want to know who is the lightest on their feet…..Give me the foot race to find out who is the fastest in the county, between Josh Tobias(SEG) and Reid Baxter(NWG)….Let’s have them run a 60 yard dash, or race from first to second base or from second to third….They can go head-to-head or run separate with the clock/stopwatch ticking…..We need to know who is the fastet on their feet….We know they both can fly, but do or die, who will try and lock down the time??? Should we bring in Rocco Scarfone for the finish as well???? I have heard that little Rocky can bring the heat to the street, with his feet…..This could make for a Super Spring Fling Finish…..The Annual Guilford County Fastest Feet….Who will defeat the comp and take home the pomp and circumstance, that goes with such a dubious title as, “The Fastest Kid in the County”??? (Is somebody out there saying that we need to get Demari Boswell(Smith) and James Summers(Page) in here too??)

Wow the ideas that I come up with……Who do you put your money on??? Or should I take my shoes off and see if these kids can go non-stop for an hour or two??? Are you leaning with Tobias, Baxter or Scarfone, or have you cast your lot with Summers or Boswell……All just for fun, but I would to see these kids run……How ’bout you?

And where will I be tomorrow night? Leaning toward the Southern Alamance-Southeast Guilford game, uless I get called away to the Buck Owens Reunion up in Galax, Virginia, which will be hosted again this year by JD Higgins and his Moonshine Express…….In all likelyhood, it’s SEG and Southern Alamance on Friday night and maybe a shot of WCD and Caldwell in the early afternoon……The Lacrosse intrigue at Northwest is still a very thick plot and the Vikings are beginnig to get the area sports fans interested in their product………Could it be JD Higgins and his top notch grass, I doubt it, but in this day and age you never know…..Might be time to shuffle off to Buffalo…….


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