Can you believe they fired this coach?

What’s the world coming to?

I mean can you believe that they fired this coach? Tori Calloway(N.C. A&T) goes (4-61) over two seasons as the volleyball coach and she gets the pink slip/was relieved of her duties?

That’s a lot of volleyball games in just two season, 65 games, and I don’t remember seeing too many records quite like that over the years of following sport, that’s right, the report in today’s paper said, (4-61)……

Well, that one got my attention today, and I had to share it with you…..Man, (4-61), I still haven’t seen a record like that in long time…..I know Wilbur Wood, a pitcher with the Chicago White Sox, used to go (24-32) every year, but he pitched almost every game and I believe Wilbur threw a knuckleball to boot……

(4-61), they just don’t make ’em like that very often any more…….


  1. My volleyball record started out at (6-0) with my JV team and then we lost our last four games to finish at (6-4)…..I really thought we could go (10-0), but I think the over-confidence got to us….My varisty team in Volleyball finished at something like 10-9…..We got beat in the first round of the playoffs and the next year I was coaching cross country….We did OK with one kid Mark Howell(State Champion caliber), who could almost outrun me back in the day, but I was hitting the marathon at 3:10:13 at the time and was at my peak…..My mile run was at 4:38 one Labor Day Monday on a flat downhill run down West Market Street from the old YMCA to the governmental plaza, topped about 250-300 runners in that race, but it was very informal…..I enjoyed Volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer and softball coaching, but probably wouldn’t be worth a flip at it today….My JV Soccer teams were like 33-2-2 over a three-year period….I was lucky to be around kids that knew the game and they loved to play it and I was crazy enough to believe that we should never lose a game….Today, I’m petty much just all talk, but that is how things can change over the years…..I was around it, but now I just observe and try to write some eye-catching headlines and content……No offense, just here to provoke thought and comments…..

  2. I guess the A&T baseball coach better watch his back…he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire during his tenure there. His teams are horrific as far a college baseball standards go. He should dominate the MEAC.

  3. That was a real good day….Straight downhill to the railroad tracks at the start and then back up a quick hill to the Governmental Plaza for the finish….Never was totally sure about the timer, but that’s what he said at the end and I’ve always just run with it….Some many times you get ripped off with your times and your scores, that the one time you get a break, you better take it and run…..I did hit a 36:30 through the first six miles of a marathon once, and when I hit that number, I knew I was in trouble for the final 20.2 miles….Started way too fast and got caught up in the lead pack and had to slow down to get back on a more sensible pace….

    Those were the days, and now they just sound good some days and nights in discussion….

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