HS Baseball Tonight for 4/12/11

Burlington Williams 6
Western Alamance 1

WP:Alan Sharpe (5-1)
LP:Adam Huffman
BW Bulldog hitting:Elliott Fowler 2-4 2 RBI….Logan Thornton 1-3 HR(For Thornton HR #6 on the season.)…Ben Kelley 2-4…
Alan Sharpe pitched a Complete Game with 4K’s…
WA hitting:Adam Huffman 2-4 2B, plus 6 IP with 7 K’s….*****Big game today with Northeast Guilford at Western Alamance and the WA Warriors are the only team to beat NEG this season and that loss came in the first game of the season for the Rams….*****

McMichael 9
Northern Guilford 8

WP:Landon Biggs
LP:Austin Hardin
HR:(McMichael) Ryan Puckett

Southwestern Randolph 12
Southern Guilford 2

Forsyth Country Day 3
High Point Christian 2

WP:Brandon Culbreth
LP:Jon Bethea
HR:(HPCA) Bethea
DC Arendas 2-3 and Culbreth 2-3 for FCD

Southwest Guilford 2
Northwest Guilford 1
(9 innings)
WP:Sean Geoghegan
LP:Adam Swim
HR:(NWG) Duncan Everett
Matt Orth with 15 K’s as the starter for SWG….

Western Guilford 8
Southern Alamance 7

SA: 2 HR’s, one was a grand slam.
WP: Nino Marrero
LP: Wolfe
SV Nin Marrero

Southeast Guilford 11
Dudley 1
(5 innings)
WP:Dylan Shutt(6-0)…..Gave up 1 run on 2 hits with 6 K’s, 0 BB’s, and 1 HBP….
LP:Kevin Murphy

Northeast Guilford 26
North Forsyth 2

WP:Jaylin Davis with 13 K’s….
LP:Brooks Walser
Johnny Brown 4-4 with a HR and 5 RBI’s….Jacob Mcann 3-4 3 RBI’s….Matt Milloway 1-2 with a HR…..

East Forsyth 12
Ragsdale 0

WP:Caleb Edwards 7 innings 3 hits 2 walks 13 K’s
LP:Duncan Sparks 3 innings 5 runs 4 hits 6 walks
Matt Horkey 3 innings 4 runs….Zack Hodges 2 runs….Mitch Carstens 1 run

Morehead 9
Eastern Alamance 3

WP:Stephen Griffith
LP:Nick Monroe

Vandalia Christian 6
Lee Christian 3

WP:Nick Whittemore
Save:AJ Williams

SEG-Dudley stats…..SEG hitting:Josh Tobias 1-1 with a double and three runs scored and two RBI’s……Blake Butler 2-3 with 1 run and 2 RBI’s……Dylan Barker 1-3 with 1 run scored….Taylor Callahan 2-3 with a two-run double , the 2 RBI’S and 1 run scored…..Justin Reece with a BB and 1 run scored…..Craig Jacobelli 2-2 with 2 doubles, 1 RBI and 1 run scored…..Tim Amick 2-3 with a double, 2 RBI’s and 2 runs scored…..Dallas Newton with a BB and 1 run scored….

Dudley hitting……Corey Williamson 1-2…..Julian Spruill 1-2…..Myles Sowell HBP and 1 run scored……


  1. SWG vs NWG was a well played game. Great pitching on both sides! Important conference win for the Cowboys!

  2. Great game,Everett pitched a great game and hit a solo hr,Orth also pitched a great game .Both Sw runs came on sacs not hits ,not sure of names but they were from #1 and #17 from them.Nwg will bounce back.

  3. SW Randolph breaks open a 3-2 game in the sixth inning to beat Southern Guilford 12-2. SG had more hits in the game, but they missed several scoring opportunities that could have made this a different game. This is a young SG team, however, they have several talented younger players that may help to turn things around down the road.

  4. 77Hornet we need a complete inside report on this one this morning!! This had to rock Alamance County last night.

  5. FCDS beat HPCA 3-2 last night in a quick, tough ball game. Score was 1-1 for most of the night. Jonathan Bethea cranked a monster solo shot to right in the top of the 6th to give HPCA a 2-1 lead. FCDS countered with 2 in the bottom of the 6th after a couple hits that squirted through the infield, a broken up double play, and a wild pitch that led to the leading run crossing. FCDS stole the game but it was a good one. FCDS’ coaches need to realize this isn’t showcase ball. The confrontational attiftude toward other coaches doesn’t have a place in high school sports. Coach your kids and be a good example. Ruined the ending to a good ballgame

  6. Regarding comments from hp baseball on FCDS; I wasn’t there and have never been to a FCDS game but have been to numerous HPCA games. HPCA coaches (especially the AD) are the most confrontational coaches you will come across. Based on my experience if FCDS reacted badly it was probably due to the coaches at HPCA.

  7. Mcmichael northern game got interesting, but a Homerun hit in the 6th inning off of Austin Hardin changed the whole out look on this one. Anyone else see the game?

  8. We didn’t keep the book last night and relying on my memory is not a good idea. We did play small ball to go 1-0 in the early stages of the game. SA then loaded the bases and the Marshall kid hit a grand slam to make it SA 4 – WG 1. We got runners on and scored 3 runs to tie it at 4 all. SA answered and I think it was SA 6 – WG 4 until we went ahead to stay around the 6th inning. SA scored 1 in the 7th for a final WG 8 – SA 7.

  9. Calvin, I wasn’t saying anyone was perfect, but what happened last night was on another level. Embarrassing for a high school coach. For an assistant to be running his mouth at a head coach as he is going back to his team, then coming out and pounding his chest like he wants to throwdown is ridiculous. I don’t care what anybody says.

  10. Funny….I was at the game last night and I never saw the assistant for FCD “pound” his chest. The accusations that you make hpbaseball are in fact what is ridiculous. Get your story straight big guy!

  11. To correct hp baseball….it was a passed ball,not a wild pitch that resulted in the winning run

  12. What did the coach exactly do for FCD? Were the HPC coaches jawing at him or did he just start on his own?

  13. Situation was sad either way. Not quite sure what issue was, but there was a lot of jawing from FCDS dugout toward HPCA’s. After game, HPCA’s coach was running back to dugout when FCDS assistant came out and started jawing him. When HPCA’s coach told their Head Coach to tell his assistant to be quiet, the coach threw his hands up (cmight as well had slapped his chest) and came towards homeplate and said “I am man enough to defend myself.” It was pretty comical honestly, but as has been stated was embarrassing for a high school baseball coach. When teams can’t shake hands because of coaches that is ridiculous.

  14. I was at FCDS and HPCA game and witnessed one of the worsed coached teams I have ever seen in my entire life. Partin and Maier combined do not know as much about the game of baseball than I have forgotten. AP has no baseball background at all he is a guy that manages a website that promotes players that pay into his service if they don’t pay he don’t promote. Maier was a submarine pitcher at DIII school in Wisconsin. They have ego’s and mouths that there bodies can not cash. If you was to sit down to any of there players and ask them what have they tought you or developed they would say nothing. They can not even argue a call correctly because they don’t know the rules. The sad part of all this is the kids that actually pay tuition at FCDS and will remain after all the scholarship players leave at the end of the year with AP and PM.

  15. Ryan Puckett was the player that hit the home for McMichael and Landon Biggs was the winning pitcher.

  16. at the fcds hpca game though it was a very intense game the coaches of hpca took it way to far when they tryed to trick the fcds players by sayin stuff like “block it up catch” when a fast ball is being thrown. When a grown man is trying to trick these teenage kids thats when it gets a little to far….besides didn’t the coach say hes been coaching for 20 years or something. He should know better

  17. Whats with all the crying? seriously…. when i played , if i didnt like the way a kid looked i would beam him, is this baseball or womens tennis?

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