Valentine goes from Dudley HS to WNBA…

Got this message from somewhere out there in the basketball universe last night and it came in at 11:59pm…

Hi looks like Dudley alum Mekia Valentine was selected in 3rd round WNBA……

And she was, she is headed to the New York Liberty, after getting selected by them in the third round of yesterday’s draft….

Valentine(Wake Forest/UC Santa Barbara) was at Dudley back in the day and if I’m not mistaken, she also attended the Greensboro Day School for a while….If the road I remember is right, Valentine was at Dudley for brief stretch, along with Sierra Little, who attended Old Dominion University….At one stage of the game, it appeard that Little might become the bigger player, but Valentine has made it to the pros and congratulations to this young lady….

Coach Kris Britton used to work those Panthers hard back in day, and now they are better off for those tough workouts….

Valentine was/is on top of her game and now she has reached the highest level of women’s basketball…..


  1. Congrtas Mekia….let this show all of you young ladies that you can achieve. The road may not always be a smooth one…but you can get it right! Mekia finished her HS basketball career at Dudley and is a Phoenix AAU alum as well.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong but Mekia was only at Dudley for one year. She played for Keith Gatlin at Greensboro Day for the first year so he deserves credit also not only Coach Britton.

  3. did say finished her hs at Dudley. And YES kudos to those that TRAIN these girls. playing with same aau team for many years and working with traners long before they get to highschool, more often than not they are already sound and polished before they get there

  4. Over here at Dudley we help take the girls to the next level. We help them get rid of bad habits that they pick up.

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