Working on that list with W-L, HR’s, RBI’s, BA….

We have been working on that Hot List all season long and for this week’s leaderboard it is starting to look like this….

Dylan Shutt-Southeast Guilford(6-0)……Austin Hardin-Northern Guilford(5-1)…..Alan Sharpe-Burlington Williams(5-1)….Jon Bethea-HPCA(4-1)….

Home Runs:
Pete Guy-Ledford(8 HR’s)….
Jaylin Davis-Northeast Guilford(7 HR’s)….Tripp Dunn-Forsyth Country Day(7 HR’s)…Deluca-FCD(7 HR’s)…
Caleb McCann-Northeast Guilford(6 HR’s)…Logan Thornton-Burlington Williams(6 HR’s)….Brandon Culbreth-Forsyth Country Day(6 HR’s)…..Devin McLemore-Westchester Country Day(6 HR’s)…Nick Taylor-Oak Ridge(6 HR’s)….

Nick Taylor-Oak Ridge(37 RBI’s)…..Jaylin Davis-NEG(31 RBI’s)

Batting Average:
Jon Bethea-High Point Christian(.450)
Josh Tobias-Southeast Guilford(.420)

*****We have been able to do a pretty good job of tracking the players so far this season and our running totals are growing….Help us add to the list by sending us some more of your current numbers….Last check we had on Jon Bethea and his batting average he was at around .420…..That is one category where we need to pick it up and we will……Send us some of your updates and we will have to come up with a final talley at the end of the season…..Who are some of the names that we need to be adding to the list and go to say six on the HR’s, what do you say 25-plus on the RBI’s and at four wins or more in the pitching department and the batting averages ought to be .400 or better….*****


  1. There are two Kids at East Forsyth Jacob Watts a Junior and Zac Scudder a sophmore are both hitting over 500

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