WOG’s Joseph Uchebo will not go to N.C. State: Liked old staff, but not new staff…

Joseph Uchebo, high school basketball player from Word of God in Raleigh, says he will not attend N.C. State and he has been granted his release, from the committment he made to the Wolfpack….Uchebo, who also played one year at Oak Ridge Military Academy, made his decision to attend N.C. State while the old Wolfpack coaching staff, led Sideny Lowe, was still in place and now with the new staff on board, Uchebo says he does not feel comfortbale with the changes….

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  1. I saw Uchebo play 3 times in 2 years, and I never thought he was an ACC player as a starter–his commitment to State showed that State Maybe Stan K. actually was right on him. If he goes somewhere else, it will be because he had his hand out and had it filled (only an opinion). State is better off with players like Tyler Lewis than pampered kids who will leave after a year. I even question what kinds of waivers the NCAA gives kids like this. These situations are out of control.

  2. He would have been 5 more fouls to use at the center position. Vandenberg, Howell and Painter would have played more minutes each than Joseph as a freshman. He does have potential. The question is does he have any kind of work ethic that will enable him to reach that potential. I don’t think he was/is Gottfried’s type of guy as well. He wanted to play for Sid and that is no longer possible. Good luck to him.

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